Taylor Hobson Surtronic 2 Manual

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Surtronic Duo and Intra Touch Provide Wider Cost-Benefit. A manual column is available to provide a stable work station. Contact Taylor Hobson, 2 New Star. Surtronic 25 Roughness checker. Surtronic 25. Surtronic 25 Specifications Taylor Hobson has developed an extensive range of pick-ups to suit the varied measurement.

Share: Description The Taylor-Hobson Surtonic 3 Roughness Gage provides a numerical assessment of the roughness (but not waviness or curvature) by what is known as the Ra (Roughness average) method. 4x4 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd 1999 Owners Manual. It measures the surface irregularities due to roughness, and is made unresponsive to the more widely-spaced irregularities caused by waviness or curvature. The Display-traverse unit contains a drive moor which traverses the pick-up across the surface to be measured, as well as the electronic circuits for computing and displaying the Ra value. The pick-up is a variable reluctance type transducer, available in several different configurations.