Stihl 108 Manual

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Stihl 108 Manual

Stihl FR 108 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Stihl FR 108 Owner's Manual. Stihl RE 108: 15 customer reviews on Australia's largest opinion site 2.6 out of 5 stars for Stihl RE 108 in Pressure Washers. Stihl FR 108 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Stihl FR 108 Owner's Manual. View and Download Stihl RE 108 instruction manual online. RE 108 Pressure Washer pdf manual download. Also for: Re 118, Re 128 plus. Preview STIHL Pole Pruners HT 101 Owner's Manual Page 9 Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from Manualagent.

Was excellent two years. No gies sometimes. Today nit switch on at all. Started not activating pump when switched on, then needed wand trigger activated every time to make motor start and go.

Got worse last two months sometimes go some times not. Now not go at all. Pull trigger it sprays water ok no problems hose pressure comes through. Water on off no difference to motor pump!

Took it apart completely. Water valve Spring assembly and all parts like new! 2017 Kawasaki Kle500 Manual. Free operating and not stuck. Every thing clean no corrosion or gunk anywhere in side. Motor and pump ok spins when put live direct to motor.

I think problem is cheap Chinese starter solenoid stuffed or micro switch or exterior switch. Any help with this problem appreciated! Long time Sthil owner everything I use here. Agents excellent. But know unless cheap quick fix for washer I will dump it go other brand..

Don't want to as gas cast iron pump system and quality pump connections still A1! Please restore confidence. Getting solenoid checked tomorrow. Cheers Max Harding 161Smart Rd 4372 New Plymouth New Zealand. [email protected] March 5th 2017 Update: Second part of RE 108 pressure washer total overhaul. RE108 sthil pressure washer total overhaul.

After finding no faulty parts and repeatedly testing the water pressure valve micro switch with a multi meter, I refitted the motor and cover and then refitted the upper wiring connections. I tested the on / off switch it was ok to! When refitting the switch wires I discovered them to loose on the bayonet pins of the switch.

The female spade terminals were too loose to fit properly on the spade even with the little lock clip stopping them falling off. Two of the 4 spades on the switch had black repeated arc marks on them. I tested the wires with a continuity tester and found there was intermittent continuity to the switch spades. I imagine the running machine vibrations would cause on /off no go and disruptive pressure patterns in use if not repaired quickly I imagine this would result in micro switch damage on the pump Flexi mounting and probably switch problems as well and damage the starter coil. I squeezed the female spades to get a tighter fit and lock in place firmly. Continuity then A1! I reassembled the unit and it goes better than It has done for years!

They are easy to overhaul so any home handy man with star drivers set could strip it in half an hour! Then an hour to remove pump parts check springs etc and check exit entry spuds etc. Takes longer to get the plastic shrouds off than overhaul the pump and parts! Simple fix bet there's a heap of this model washers out there dumped for no good reason. Cheers Global Grandad 161 Smart Rd RD2.

Fitzroy New Zealand mB [email protected] My Stihl 108 has been used for a total of no mate than 3 hours.

The oscillating nozzle jams constantly (like review below) or stops working all together. Local dealer laughed as he explained he keeps them in stock because heaps of people have the same problem due to a seal which packs in, particularly if the device is not used often. Obviously this wasn't mentioned at purchase and having checked the manual there's no maintenance schedule or advice along those lines. We paid a higher price than similar competitors for the 'European' quality. Very frustrating. I'm loyal to Stihl but this pressure cleaner tests my patience. When it works, it's excellent.

But the oscillating head is troublesome. The first one stopped oscillating - it just sprayed off to one side and wouldn't spin. They sent me a new one without charge but after perhaps two hours of use in total, that one is now leaking massively out of the connection with the gun, and stops spinning without warning or reason quite often. Stihl tells me to contact the dealer, who tells me it will require servicing/repair etc etc, so probably up for $100 minimum to fix a problem that shouldn't exist. It also tends to cycle through high and low pressure for no reason. Like one minute it will be spraying brilliantly at full force and then it slows down.

It's not the mains water pressure as have tested that it is constant. I use my RE 108 for a wide range of cleaning. Examples of use are for cleaning mud from my 4WD, removing mould and stains from decking, cleaning weather boards and eaves for painting and also cleaning paths and concrete areas. I like the water saving features over using a conventional water hose. The only problem I have had has been through having the water supply excessively restricted (the supply tap not turned on sufficiently). The low water flow activated an auto shut-off feature, that protects the unit from damage.