Shindaiwa Dyb252 Trimmer Manual

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• SHINDAIWA OWNER’S/OPERATOR’S MANUAL T230 GRASS TRIMMER T230X GRASS TRIMMER C230 BRUSHCUTTER T230 T230X C230 Minimize the risk of injury to yourself and others! Read this manual and familiarize yourself WARNING! With the contents.

Always wear eye and hearing protection when operating this unit. • As an owner/operator, you’ll ous bodily injury. Never make unauthorized attachment soon discover for yourself why Shindaiwa is installations. Simply in a class by itself! • General Safety Instructions The Properly Equipped Operator Stay Alert Wear hearing protection devices and a You must be physically and mentally fit to broad-brimmed hat or helmet. Operate this unit safely.

Shindaiwa Dyb252 Trimmer Manual Shindaiwa Model S25 Q Shindaiwa Inc. 1994 1 Service Manual Shindaiwa Grass Trimmers, Brushcutters and Lawn.

AlwAys wear eye Wear close-fitting protection such as goggles or clothing to protect legs and safety glasses to shield against arms. • WEAR HEARING AND ANSI Z87.1 APPROVED EYE PROTECTION labels. New labels are available from your 50 FEET (15m local authorized Shindaiwa dealer.

KEEP BYSTANDERS AWAY AT LEAST 50 FEET (15m) T230 BEWARE OF THROWN OR RICOCHETED OBJECTS. • Brushcutter Blade Figure 4 Specifications T230 Dry Weight (less attachments).4.6 kg/10.2 lb. Fuel Tank Capacity.. 554 ml/18.7 oz. T230X Dry Weight (less attachments).4.7 kg/10.4 lb. Carburetor Type.

Walbro WYL, diaphragm-type C230 Dry Weight (less attachments).4.9 kg/10.8 lb. • Trigger Figure 6 difficult, rotate the outer tube or main- shaft slightly until you feel the mainshaft T230 Slide the outer tube into the 6. Tighten the clamp screw firmly. Splines engage with the powerhead. Powerhead until the throttle grip 5. • Assembly Handlebar C230 Assemble the Handlebar. Handle Positioning Label Ignition Switch 1.

Stihl Vs Shindaiwa TrimmersDr Trimmer Manual

Position the handle over the outer tube. See Figure 9. Make sure the throttle le- ver is on the right-hand side of the outer tube. Shoulder Strap 2. Attach the handle mounting bracket Hanger using the two socket-head cap screws.

• Assembly Throttle Linkage and Ignition Leads All Models Assemble and Adjust Red Wire the Throttle Cable. Black Ignition Wire 1. Insert the throttle-cable housing into the notch on the fan cover, and clamp the ground wire terminal between the fan Cable Adjuster cover and the outer cable adjuster nut.

• Figure 14A Screws 26013 Figure 14 Install the Cutting Attachment Cutting Attachment Shield Shield T230/T230X/C230. Insert the cutting attachment shield between the outer tube and the cutting NEVER operate the unit without the attachment shield mounting plate. Cutting attachment shield installed See Figure 14. Fuse Tiguan Manual there.