Revco Ult Series Manual

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Revco™ UxF Series -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers by Thermo Fisher Scientific • Superior sample protection through an innovative touch-screen interface that provides access to vital freezer information such as event log, settings and user profiles • Freezers health monitored 24/7 • Reinforced stainless steel shelving that stores up to 278 lbs. Of sample • Superior temperature uniformity • Outstanding BTU reserve for fast door opening recovery times • Dual Refrigeration options: High Performance (designed for GMP applications) or Energy Savings • Power management system protects freezer against a wide range of voltage variations • Pressure equalization port allows for quick re-entries after door opening • Improved refrigeration system with high-efficiency compressors for maximum performance and reliability Thermo ScientificUltra-Low Temp Upright Freezers Interior Dimensions W x D x H in. (mm) Thermo Scientific Part # 115V, 60hz Thermo Scientific Part # 230V, 50hz Cat # Price Cat # Price 17.78 x 28.29 x 51.23 (452 x 719 x 1301) UxF30086A UxF30086V 23.13 x 28.29 x 51.23 (588x 719 x 1301) UxF40086A UxF40086V 28.75 x 28.29 x 51.23 (730 x 719 x 1301) UxF50086A UxF50086V 34.38 x 28.29 x 51.23 (873 x 719 x 1301) UxF60086A UxF60086V Interior Dimensions W x D x H in. (mm) Thermo Scientific Part # 208-230V, 60hz Thermo Scientific Part # 230V, 50hz Cat # Price Cat # Price 40.0 x 28.29 x 51.23 (1016 x 719 x 1301) UxF70086D UxF70086V Video of Revco UxF Series ULT Upright Freezers These ultra-low temperature freezers provide outstanding sample protection, while maintaining the highest standards in performance, energy efficiency and capacity per footprint. They feature an innovative touch-screen control panel that controls freezer settings, user authority levels, detailed event logs and round the clock monitoring of the freezer's performance. The monitoring system displays the freezer's health in a color-coded heart that will indicate the freezers system status, battery alerts, preventative maintenance reminders, ambient alerts and problems that require attention.

Revco Ult Series Manual

Another benefit of the touch-screen is the ability to know internal conditions without having to open the freezer door. The touch-screen also displays alarm status, door opening status (number of door openings and for what length of time), temperature status of 8 different areas within the freezer and ambient environmental conditions. The user can choose from refrigeration options of either high performance or energy-savings mode to accommodate their specific requirements. The UxF Series has features that maximize temperature uniformity while minimizing energy use.

An innovative dual cascade refrigeration system provides faster recovery after door openings, tighter uniformity, and reduces energy use. The power management system protects the freezer against a variety of voltage variations and is easily accessible through the touch-screen display.

Chest and Upright Freezers Installation and Operation Manual. Honda Accord Automatic Transmission Rebuild Manual. Note: Revco Ultima 700 and 900 Series freezers are equipped.

The new refrigeration system uses high-efficiency compressors for maximum performance and reliability. Brazed plate heat exchanger offers more efficient heat transfer while induction brazed joints reduce leak potential and improve dependability. High-tech construction combines vacuum panel insulation with water-blown foam insulation for maximum sample-to-vial footprint storage.

The freezers rugged steel construction and corrosion-resistant coating makes it ideal for long-lasting, trouble free operation. Rack solutions are available for all UxF models. Choose from both side access or sliding drawer racks for 2' boxes, 3' boxes, standard microplates, and deep well plates. Capacities vary by rack and freezer, please see ordering table below. Specifications Capacity cu. (liters) Max Shelf Weight lbs.

(kg) Cryobox Capacity 2in.

With 160 years of experience in supporting science, our people have the practical knowledge and creative expertise to think big, deliver fresh ideas, and develop innovative services to help you solve your most critical business challenges. We do this by: • Making lab and production operations more efficient and competitive • Offering a wide range of support and services • Lending expertise to improve quality and boost scientific productivity • Helping achieve innovation faster Over 1,200 VWRCATALYST associates are working worldwide today at industry-leading pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, education, industrial, and high-tech production institutions. For more information on VWRCATALYST, call 1.888.793.2300 or email us. VWR enables the advancement of science by providing high-quality chemicals and services, customized to your product or manufacturing needs. We use operational excellence to deliver solutions that enable research, testing, production, and commercialization across the globe.

Our Core Capabilities Include: • Custom Liquid Manufacturing • Custom Liquid Dosing and Packaging • Custom Powder Manufacturing • Powder Dosing and Packaging • Assembly and Finishing Contact VWR Custom Manufacturing Services at 1.800.932.5000. Construction features include: five polystyrene insulated inner doors with embedded rare earth magnets; reinforced shelves that support up to 278 lbs. Of cargo (depending on model); 4x7 outer door gasket with four points of security and seven zones of protection to prevent air migration, dual 2' lockable casters, brazed plate heat exchanger, surge suppression, voltage buck/boost, 2 1' access ports, door mounted pressure equalization port, Warranty: 2 year parts and labor, additional 3 year compressor parts only. Backup systems inject liquid CO2 or LN2 when cabinet temperature warms to a preset level. Built-in backup systems are available on UxF400,500,600 and 700 models only; UxF300 series models require a freestanding backup system. Liquid flow shuts off automatically when the freezer door is opened. Rack solutions are available for all UxF models.

Choose from both side access or sliding drawer racks for 2' boxes, 3' boxes, standard microplates, and deep well plates. Capacities vary by rack and freezer, please see ordering table below. Delivery information: Racks, back-up systems and other accessories sold separately. 2018 Honda Vt750c Shadow Aero Owner Manual more. Revco® UxF freezers are supplied with manufacturer's two-year parts and labor warranty (five years in Canada), plus an additional three-year warranty on compressor parts. Upright freezers have five inner doors and include a four adjustable stainless steel shelves.

All models include two 2.5cm (1') diameter access ports with caps. See 89200-252 for accessory listings.

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