Recovery Facilitators Manual

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The SMART Recovery Facilitator’s Manual 2nd Edition provides an excellent overview of how to start and run a SMART Recovery group meeting, and also serves as a superb refresher for individuals who have been leading groups for some time. SMART Recovery Facilitator Training Course – About Become a SMART Recovery Facilitator Hands-on two-day course on how to facilitate the SMART Recovery addiction treatment program within your workplace or the community.

• • • • Tools for Facilitators Tools for Facilitators One of the best resources for facilitators is often other facilitators; the ability to share ideas and experiences can provide insight not otherwise possible. The articles and stories here are to encourage that sharing. We also want to hear from you, so if you have a story or article you’d like to share, let us know! Email and we’ll work to get it up on the site so others can learn from your valuable experience.

Another way to enrich your experience as a facilitator is to hear from WRAP users, as you well know. In addition to all of the wonderful recovery journeys you hear during your work in the field, this link provides additional stories from those who have been kind enough to share their story.

Anyone with experience facilitating WRAP understands not only the value and power it unleashes, but the importance of the integrity of the program. Copeland has spent many years researching, listening and collaborating with people to share what we know today as WRAP®. The WRAP curriculum is based not only on the research from Dr. Copeland and her experience working with groups, it has also specifically been designed to help guide facilitators through the material in a safe and productive manner. This link provides specific guidelines around the use of all of the WRAP Resources. WRAP and Recovery Books has a partnership with Relias Learning, a state of the art E-learning vendor.

We have many courses available that deal with all areas of WRAP. We encourage you to review these courses and take advantage of any that are of interest to you, it can only add to your already growing knowledge base.

In order to do mental health recovery and WRAP work, it is essential that you understand and support the following values and ethics. This page provides information about the values and ethics and a checklist for Facilitators. For all your facilitator training information, the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery is where to go.

This page is THE resource for Facilitator Training. The value of collaboration and interaction is key in being a facilitator. Sirion Service Manual.

One of the most important things we can do is listen; listen to others, listen to ourselves, listen, listen listen! One way to share and hear from others who is through social media. The facebook is a place to exchange and explore the concepts and ideas of WRAP that are used and interpreted around the world.