Poulan Pioneer 2050 Chainsaw Manual

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Oil System Plugged. • Remove the clutch cover, bar, and chain, clean the bar groove, any holes and passages on the rear of the bar (both sides, consider rotating the bar), if equipped with a sprocket nose ensure it rotates easily at least one complete revolution.

Clean the saw oiler hole and channel. Insert a blunted, hooked piece of wire through the oil filler hole and pull the hose in the oil tank out. Pay attention to the screen or filter on the free end (clean or replace, difficult to determine serviceability). Start the saw and see if it oils when revved up. If yes reassemble your saw. If no, continue with 2. • Work your way through the linkage cleaning and replacing any defective parts as you go.

View and Download Poulan Pro 2050WT instruction manual online. Poulan Chain Saw Instruction Manual. 2050WT Chainsaw pdf manual download. Also for: 1950, 2050, 2055, 2075, 1975, 2150, 2155, 2175, 2350, 2375, 2150pr. PartsTree. 1987 Yamaha Warrior Service Manual on this page. com - Order Genuine Poulan Parts for the Poulan 2050 (Type 4) - Poulan Pioneer Chainsaw Chainsaw. Easy Ordering, Fast Shipping and Great Service!

Carefully check the hoses for cracks especially at bends and connections. If equipped with an oil pump it is usually behind the clutch (clutch is a left handed thread).

Please make extensive notes & some digital pictures will help during reassembly. If it does not oil on completion of 1 it is most likely a bad oiler or worm gear.

Please see the IPL to aid in oiler component identification. Sample IPL 'Poulan 2050 Gas Saw Type 7' (there are almost 20 IPLs for this saw. I defer to you to find the correct 1): The oiler pump and worm gear are on the 'Handle, Chassis & Bar Assembly' illustration. This also aids disassembly. All Poulan IPLs can be found here: Poulan.com The dash number of your serial number is the type.

It has an outboard clutch, this is a guide for removal: R² Drive Link Outboard Clutch by Drivelink.blogspot.com • Check the IPL for your saw to see if any special tools are needed. Poulan (Craftsman, Jonsered, Husky) clutch removal tool part number 530031112 if needed, is under $5 from many sources (look at the visible area between the weights if 2 small round sockets are visible you need the tool). • There are metal piston stops available, when square (almost never) with the piston top these work well, if not square they have been known to punch through the piston.

I suggest a length of nylon rope (nothing left behind) be used instead of the piston stop (retain 6' ± so you can remove it). Make sure the piston is near the top of the cylinder before feeding the cord or it can fall through the exhaust port and damage the piston as it rises. • Everyone I have ever removed had a left handed thread (tighten it to loosen it). HTH Lou Feb 03, 2010 .

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Poulan Pioneer 2050 Chainsaw Manual