My2015 Mmi Manual

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Audi A6 A7 Q7 MMI Media and. How To Drive a Manual. Audi A6, MY2015 - MMI car settings overview - pregled nastavitev avtomobila v.

For the system to understand you: Speak clearly and distinctly at a normal volume. Speak louder when driving faster. Mercruiser 350 Magnum Alpha One Service Manual. Emphasize the words in the commands evenly and do not leave long pauses. Do not speak a command when the voice recognition n system is making an announcement. Close the doors, the windows, and the sunroof to reduce background noise. Make sure t hat passengers are not speak ing when you are giving a voice command.

2017 Honda Odyssey Timing Belt Manual. Do not direct the air vents toward the handsfree microphone, which is on the roof headliner near the front interior lights. Only use the system from the driver's seat because the hand's free microphone is directed toward that seat. Additional settings, such as individual voice training based on your voice, the Command display or the prompt volume can be adjusted in the main menu using the Setup MMI control button 9 (page 36).

Audi A4 2015 Mmi System

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(C7) 2011 ->2014 A6 Lim. (C7) Hybrid 2012 ->A6 Lim.

My2015 Mmi Manual Pdf
My2015 Mmi Manual