Mercury 240 Engine Manual

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Mercury 240 Efi Service Manual

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Just bought a 2000 Speedster SK with the Mercury 240 EFI Jet Drive. I new it had an engine problem when I bought it but it turned out to be worse then I had hoped. There is no compression on the #4 cylinder and #6 has next to nothing. All the other cylinders have about 120lbs.

Holden Vr V6 Workshop Manual. When I pulled the head #4 piston is all beat up on top and on the edges and has also beat up the head some as well and of course the cylinder walls have some scoring. #6 is not that bad but you can see some wear on the cylinder walls. Looks like I am going to have to do a total rebuild. I am familiar with working on engines but have never done anything with 2 cycle marine engines.

MERCURY SPORT JET 175 HP, 200 HP, 240 HP Drives. Use these instructions together with a Mercury Factory Service Manual. The drive is the same for all 2.5l drives. Just bought a 2000 Speedster SK with the Mercury 240 EFI Jet Drive. I new it had an engine problem when I bought it but it turned out to be worse then I. Caused by water in the engine will not be covered by Mercury Marine Limited Warran- ty, unless this damage is the result of defective parts. 200/210/240 HP JET DRIVE INSTALLATION MANUAL. Mercury Diesel. Mercury Diesel engines offer a sophisticated diesel-engine experience: Advanced turbocharging and injection technologies produce a powerband that’s carefully calibrated for marine performance and outstanding economy.

What would be the most cost effective means to rebuild this engine buy all the parts and farm out any machine shop work or buy a rebuilt engine and save me the time? If I buy a rebuilt where would be the best place to purchase from and if I rebuild myself where would be the best place to purchase parts? I have the engine service manual and looks like it would not be to bad to do but I see where you need the Digital Diagnostic terminal to prime the oil system or is there another way. Thanks for the help and glad to be a new member of the forum George Skinner.

George, Sorry to hear about your problem. I bought a 2000 Isandia last June with the Mercury 240 EFI. Like you I knew there were engine problems.I recently finished rebuilding the engine and took it out for the FIRST time this last Saturday.

Not saying it's difficult, I just had never done anyting like this before and I was taking my time gathering information. You might be in better shape than I was because my #6 cylinder had seized, broken the rod, and blew a hole in the piston AND a hole in the powerhead. There was also shrapnel all over the place (ie reeds and even pulse pump.this one still boggles me).I looked around a bit and got a remanufactured powerhead from Crowley Marine in Denver. They got my undressed remanufactured powerhead from OBR, but anyway, I got most of the other parts I needed from Crowley Marine after that. Me being a newbie to working on engines they were all very helpful.

A guy named Dan there was able to help me make sure I was getting the correct parts. The actual repair inlcuding the cost of the powerhead and some minor unnecessary parts was just under $5000. Which I don't think is too bad considering I the boat and trailer for $500. As far as the oil system goes I assume that you are talking about the oil pump and not the reserve tank. I changed the worm bushing in the oil pump because it's plastic and I heard that they can wear out. I don't think that was my problem, but as long as I was there. As for priming the system.

I think it does that when the key is turned on. If working properly it will definetly go to the reserve. Hope some of this helps. York Ycla 25 Chiller Manual.

I had the same exact engine failure as you have with #4 seizing and #6 on its way out. Would bet any amount of money that it is the plastic oil pump gear with broken allen bolt that stopped pumping oil into the injection system. I pulled my engine apart and bored it.030 over, new piston rebuild kit from ebay and all new bearings. Polish the crank depending on how bad it is. I took my time and marked all of the wires and vacume hoses.

Bleed the motor after rebuilt (oil pump) and run double oil for the first tank (gallon with full tank plus oil injection system). I now have 4 tanks of fuel thru and it is running far. Spent $1,500 total. Would have gone.020 over but #4 needed at least.030.

You can also just replace one or two pistons if on a short budget. However, probably would not save too much since you need all new bearings anyway.