Martin Minimac Service Manual

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User manual MiniMAC Wash MiniMAC Profile. Suzuki Aerio S 2002 Owners Manual. Thank you for selecting the Martin MiniMAC Profile or MiniMAC Wash. • Refer all service to a Martin service. Martin MiniMac Profile 02005101 C161 CMOS 16 bit processor 16MHz 02034504 93C66 EEPROM SMD 02035522 28F400, 256Kx16 flash PROM, PSOP 44. Martin Mini Mac Manual. Only later lesson the manuscript Martin minimac service manual 9691447C you enjoy no also grills distresss you ahead that date.

• MiniMAC user manual MiniMAC Wash MiniMAC Profile. • Omega clamp attachment bracket ©1999 - 2002 Martin Professional A/S, Denmark. All rights reserved.

No part of this manual may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from Martin Professional A/S, Denmark. •.4 NTRODUCTION. • NTRODUCTION Thank you for selecting the Martin MiniMAC Profile or MiniMAC Wash. Both of these automated luminaires provide 12 dichroic color filters, high-speed mechanical shutter, 540° of pan by 270° of tilt, 3-digit LED control panel, DMX, MC-1, stand- alone, and master/slave control options; and switch-selectable power supply settings. • • When replacing the lamp, allow the fixture to cool for at least 5 minutes before opening the fixture or removing the lamp. Protect your hands and eyes with gloves and safety glasses. • Do not stare directly into the light.

Never look at an exposed lamp while it is lit. • POWER The MiniMAC has switch-selectable settings to configure the power supply for local conditions. The factory-default setting is indicated on the serial number label.

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Mini Mac Service Manual

Always use the setting that is closest to the local AC supply. For protection from electric shock, the fixture must be grounded (earthed).

• To instal l the mai n fuse Fuses are provided for 100 - 130 V and 200 - 250 V operation. Use only the fuse specified for the operating voltage. 1 Locate the bag containing the fuse for your AC voltage. Insert the fuse in the fuse holder.

• NSTALLATION L O C A T I O N A N D O R I E N T A T I O N For safe operation, install the MiniMAC in a location where • it is at least 0.3 meters (12 inches) away from illuminated surfaces and combustible materials. • Clamp The MiniMAC includes a bracket for attaching a rigging clamp with 12 mm (1/2 in.) hardware. Clamps available from Martin are listed on page 44. T O R I G T H E F I X T U R E W I T H A C L A M P WARNING! Screw the included eye bolt securely into the base and fasten a safety cable to the eye bolt. • Flush mount bracket Where no trussing system is available, you can use a special flush mount bracket that is available for the MiniMAC series.

It is a simple metal bracket, which enables the MiniMAC to be flush mounted on a standard ceiling or wall. It provides a very discrete installation, with a very limited air gap between the product and the ceiling or wall. • kg (48 lbs), and provides a drop from the ceiling to the attachment point of 12 to 62 cm (4.75 - 24.4 in.). The pantograph can be ordered separately from a Martin dealer (P/N 91602006). Ceil ing templ ate If you are mounting the MiniMAC through a ceiling then a template that can be used to cut out the shape of the fixture is available from the MiniMAC support page on the Martin support site (• ONTROL PANEL The control panel is used to set control modes, address, and personalities; to display information readouts, to run tests, and to control the fixture manually.

All user options may be set remotely via the serial link using the Martin MP-2 or MPBB1 with version 1.4 or later software. • To navigate the control menu Error messages, if any, and mode information are displayed at the top of the menu tree. If the fixture is in (1) DMX mode, the address is displayed; (2) Automatic Stand-alone mode, is displayed; (3) Programmed Stand-alone mode, the scene number is displayed. • (SA slave) delete DMX reset display gobo rotation enable random factory settings reset fixture fade time stand-alone menu Fresnel (MiniMAC Wash) shutter fast slow get (retrieve scene) sound, send (SA master) gobo selection speed hours strobe information menu start code.

• 8-bit pan/tilt resolution (modes 1 and 3) divides the pan and tilt ranges into 1 - 2° increments. 16-bit resolution (modes 2 and 4) divides pan into 0.013° steps and tilt into 0.007° steps for finer position control and smoother movement. Mode Control Resolution MiniMAC Wash MiniMAC Profile Tracking 8-bit 4 channels 6 channels Tracking. • A D D R E S S S E L E C T I O N The control address, also known as the start channel, is the first channel used to receive instructions from the controller. The total number of channels used depends on the control mode. • SL O Optimize movement for smoothness.

Pr o Initialize MiniMAC Profile. T YP Profile/Wash Fr E Initialize MiniMAC Wash. Enable lamp-off without confirmation.

L OF DMX lamp off OF F Require confirmation of lamp-off. Enable reset without confirmation. • R E A D O U T S The MiniMAC provides readouts to track usage, maintenance intervals, lamp life, and software version. Values from 1000 to 9999 are automatically scrolled and counters reset to 0 when they reach 10,000. Readout Path Option Displays. • To test DMX control val ues 1 Program a set of commands for the fixture.

2 Scroll to tSt in the main menu, press [enter] and scroll to. Press [enter]. 3 Press [enter] to display the start code. The start code must be 0. Press [menu].

4 Scroll through the effects and press [enter] to display the DMX values received. • ONTROLLER OPERATION This section describes operation with DMX controllers. The MiniMAC is also compatible with the Martin MC-1 and MC-X controllers. Controller operation is disabled when a stand-alone mode is enabled. D A T A C O N N E C T I O N R E C O M M E N D E D C A B L E Reliable data communication begins with the right cable. • To connect for control ler operation 1 Connect a data cable to the controller’s data output. If controller has a 5-pin output, use a 5-pin male to 3-pin female adaptor cable (P/N 11820005).

Lead the cable from the controller to the first fixture and plug it into the data input. Nh 570 Operator Manual. 2 Connect the output of the fixture closest to the controller Male to the input of the next fixture. • The shutter closes automatically after 10 seconds if the light beam is projected on the base to prevent heat damage. The shutter opens instantly when the beam is moved. S T A N D - A L O N E M O D E Automatic stand-alone operation may be activated from the controller. • UTOMATIC TAND ALONE The MiniMAC provides two stand-alone modes: automatic and programmed.

This section describes Automatic Stand-alone Mode, in which random action is sound activated, using a built-in microphone, or triggered by a timer. The pan/tilt range and speed are adjustable and multiple fixtures may be synchronized in master/slave configuration. • 1 Select any one fixture to be the master.