Leica Tcp 1205 Total Station User Manual

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The Leica 1205 TCRP Total Station Include The Following Features. * Leica TCRP1205 5' Motorized Auto Target Total Station. * Hard Copy User Manual. Total Station Leica Tcr 1203 Manual.pdf. LEICA Geo Office LEICA TCRP 1205 USER MANUAL. Related with Leica Tcrp 1201 Total Station User Manual. MANUAL LEICA.

• Version 4.0 English Leica GPS1200 User Manual. • The type and the serial number of your product are indicated on the type plate. Identification Enter the type and serial number in your manual and always refer to this information when you need to contact your agency or Leica Geosystems authorized service workshop.

Type: Serial No.. • Important paragraphs which must be adhered to in practice as they enable the product to be used in a technically correct and efficient manner. • Table of Contents In this manual Chapter How to Use this Manual Description of the System User Interface System Components System Concept 2.2.1 Software Concept 2.2.2 Data Storage and Data Conversion Concept 2.2.3 Power Concept Container Contents Receiver Components Operating Principles Icons Page. • Working with the CompactFlash Card Working with the Clip-On-Housings for Devices Accessing Survey Application Program Guidelines for Correct Results Operation with a Typical Configuration Set Overview Equipment Setup Getting Started with the GRX1200 Series Transport Storage Cleaning and Drying GPS1200. • Safety Directions General Introduction Intended Use Limits of Use Responsibilities International Warranty, Software Licence Agreement Hazards of Use Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC FCC Statement, Applicable in U.S.

Technical Data Receiver Technical Data 8.1.1 Tracking Characteristics of the Receiver 8.1.2 Accuracy 8.1.3 Technical Data Antennas Technical Data RX1200 Technical Data. • Index Table of Contents GPS1200. • The index is at the back of the manual.

Keys, fields and options on the screens which are considered as self-explanatory are not explained. Validity of this • This manual applies to all GPS1200 instruments. Differences between the manual various models are marked and described. • User Manual How to Use this Manual Description All instructions required in order to operate the product to a basic level are contained in the User Manual. Provides an overview of the product together with technical data and safety directions. • Name of Description documentation System Field Manual Describes the general working of the product in standard use.

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Intended as a quick reference field guide. Applications Field Describes specific onboard application programs in Manual standard use. Intended as a quick reference field guide. The RoadRunner application program is described in a separate manual. • SmartRover Format of the The GPS1200 CD contains the entire documentation in electronic format. All documentation manuals are also available in printed form except for the GPS1200 Technical Refer- ence Manual.

How to Use this Manual User Manual System Field. • To receive the satellite signals from the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellites. The office software including a series of help programs which support working with GPS1200. The reference station software required to operate the reference station receivers of GPS1200.

• Twelve L1, twelve L2 channels, code and phase, real-time capable, with event, PPS, oscillator and NET port, for refer- ence station applications GPS1200. • Receiver GRX1200 GG Pro The GX1230 GG, GX1230, GX1220, GX1200 with PPS/Event option and GRX1200 Series receivers use the GPS P-code signal, which by U.S. Policy is liable to be switched off without notice. Phase measurements on L2 are ensured as these receivers automatically switch to patented tracking techniques. • LEICA Geo Office • LGO supports the GPS1200 and TPS1200 instruments. It also supports all other Leica TPS instruments. • LGO is based on a graphical user interface with standard Windows® operating procedures.

• LGO provides the following functionality: Functionality. • LEICA GPS Spider The reference station software is known as LEICA GPS Spider. It is required to operate the GRX1200 Series receivers. C14nz Engine Manual.

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• to connect from a PC to a GPS1200 receiver locally or remotely. • to configure receiver operation. • The system software enables a maximum of three languages which can be stored at any one time - the English language and two other languages. The English language is the default language and cannot be deleted. One language is chosen as the active language. • Custom software specific to user requirements can be developed using the GeoC++ development kit. Information on the GeoC++ development environment is avail- able on request from a Leica Geosystems representative.

For RX1210 and RX1220T. This software covers display, sound and communication settings of the RX1210 and RX1220T. • CompactFlash card: Internal memory: Unplugging connecting cables or removing the CompactFlash card during the meas- urement may cause loss of data. Always return to GPS1200 Main Menu before removing the CompactFlash card and switch off the instrument before removing cables. • Data can be exported from a job in a wide range of ASCII formats. The export format is defined in Format Manager which is a PC tool in LEICA Geo Office.

Refer to the online help of LGO for information on creating format files. • 2.2.3 Power Concept General Use the Leica Geosystems batteries, chargers and accessories or accessories recommended by Leica Geosystems to ensure the correct functionality of the instru- ment. Power options Receiver Power for the receiver can be supplied either internally or externally. Up to two external power supplies can be connected using a Y-cable. • Description of the System GPS1200 For permanent operations use Uninterruptible Power Supply units as a back-up in case of a main power failure. • Container for GX1200 receivers and delivered accessories part 1 of 2 GPS12_135 Description of the System GPS1200 a) Double arm for antennas of devices b) Adjusting pin c) Spare battery d) Supplied stylus e) Antennas of device GX1200 with RX1210 and.

• Container for GX1200 receivers and delivered accessories part 2 of 2 GPS12_136 a) Base for telescopic rod b) Holder for RX1210 on pole with grip for pole c) Spare battery d) Arm 15 cm long for antenna of device e) Telescopic rod Holder for GX1200 on pole g) Tribrach h) Carrier. • Supplied stylus c) Clip-on-contacts for connecting RX1200 without cable d) Recess for RX1200 e) Guide rail for clip-on-housing of a device ON/OFF button g) LED indicators h) Battery compartment 2 or port NET Battery compartment 1 CompactFlash card compartment GPS1200.

• Turn instrument on Press PROG. Turn instrument off The instrument can only be turned off in the GPS1200 Main Menu screen.

Press both USER and PROG simultaneously. Hold ESC for 2 s. Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Workshop Manual. • This is valid for RX1250. Leica software and Windows CE desktop RX12_33 User Interface ’Keyboard unlocked’ is momentariliy displayed on the Message Line. GPS1200 a) Icon to start Leica software b) Windows CE desktop c) Task bar d) Start button. • Access Leica software THEN RX1250 is started the Leica software comes up automatically.

Windows CE desktop is double click active SHIFT PROG ( Leica software is mini- double click mised select SmartRover in the task bar to maximise it. Access Windows CE desktop. • Type the complete selection number in front of the item. ENTER or CONT (F1) are not required.

Tap on the item. Description To select a page in a screen, do one of the following: PAGE (F6). Tap on the page tab. • Appearance and Choicelists have various appearances. Selection from a choicelist Closed choicelist Appearance ENTER or tap on the field to access the choicelist.