Husqvarna 128 Ldx Service Manual

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Parts for Husqvarna String and Brushcutter – Repairtoolparts has a wide range of Husqvarna String and Brushcutter Parts at discounted prices. Buy Husqvarna 128 LDX-(5451921-35) repair parts online to fix your tool. Download and Read Husqvarna 128 Ldx Service Manual Husqvarna 128 Ldx Service Manual Preparing the books to read every day is enjoyable for many people. SERVICE UPDATES 128 LDX, 545192137, 2010-08, ROW HUSQVARNA. SERVICE UPDATES 128 C. Instruction manual is. ENGINE 125 LDX, 2009-09, US_CAN HUSQVARNA. Need to fix your 128LD 9527-06 Trimmer/Edger. Is the upper drive shaft on a 128ld Husqvarna trimmer replaceable without. Lost instruction manual.

The Husqvarna 128LDX is a gas gardening tool with a detachable pole saw (model PA1100). It accepts a number of different attachments including a string trimmer, cultivator, and hedge trimmer.

Read on for the full review. Power The 128LDX uses a 28cc engine rated at 1.1 horsepower. While not quite as powerful as the more professional-grade Huqvarna 327P5x and 327PT5S, the 128LDX still has plenty of cutting power and a 10” bar length. Sawing through smaller branches is pretty effortless.

Larger branches in the 8” range can be lopped off with a single cut, but the engine may bog down a bit. Cuts are still made fairly quickly, even in larger branches, and the speed is better than electric models. Ease of Use Operation is easy thanks to a well written instruction manual. You’ll need to mix fuel with 2-cycle engine oil, prime the bulb, then let the saw warm up for a few minutes after you start it. Stihl Fs56 Curved Shaft Trimmer Manual.

This saw is slightly lighter than the average gas pole saw at 13.9 pounds, but is still a bit tiring without a harness for long jobs. This saw includes an automatic oiler which works quite well at keeping the chain and bar lubricated.

Husqvarna 128 Ldx Service Manual

All you need to do is make sure the reservoir stays filled. Expect to get a couple hours of use before refilling the oil tank. Maintenance and Reliability Husqvarna makes the most reliable gas engines available in a pole saw, in my opinion.

The 128LDX starts up easily each time. To keep it running properly, you’ll want to follow the maintenance schedule which includes checking the air filter and spark plug from time to time.

Again, the manual explains this well so it’s pretty easy to do. Maximum Extension The reach of this saw is average at about 9’ 4” fully extended, which doesn’t match that of the Husqvarna professional grade pole saws. The shorter length does keep the total weight down a bit, and you’ll still be able to reach branches about 14 feet off the ground. Package Contents In the box you’ll get the gas trimmer and the detachable pole saw, along with a. You’ll need to purchase, gas, and a bottle of to get started. Price The 128LDX is priced very reasonably for a gas pole saw. If you’re cross-shopping with a Troy-Bilt gas trimmer, you’ll find the Husqvarna runs about $100 cheaper.

Warranty Husqvarna includes a 2-years parts and labor warranty as with all of their pole saws. Replacement Parts You can find replacement parts through if you service this saw on your own. If you’d rather have a service center near you perform parts replacement or maintenance, you can use the. Pros • Easy to use and reliable • System accepts other lawn maintenance power tool attachments • Low Price Cons • Not quite as powerful as Husqvarna professional models • A bit heavy, so it can be tiring on longer jobs Conclusion If you’re looking for a reliable yet cheap gas pole saw, I think the Husqvarna 128LDX is a great choice. You can also eliminate the need to upkeep several power tools by purchasing other attachments compatible with the 128LDX, such as the string and hedge trimmers.

Husqvarna 128 Ldx Service ManualHusqvarna 128 Ldx Service ManualHusqvarna 128 Ldx Service Manual