Dresser Dozer Td15e Parts Manual

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International used to spec an oil called Hy-Trans. It was pretty good stuff if a little expensive. Was an excellent dispersant of water. No longer available now though one could check with a Case dealer to see if they might have a similar product. That said, you could probably use a Shell product called DONAX TC. It's designed for transmission and hydraulic systems in several viscosities.

Dresser Dozer Td15e Parts Manual

1998 Dresser TD15E Dozer. Starts and Runs. Track pads need to be replaced. One Track Roller is leaking. A/C Unit recently replaced. No Cracked Glass. 1987 Dresser TD15E Dozer. This dozer has unknown hours, open ROPS, working daily with no issues, manual transmission. Contact Erik @ Red Pine Equipment 218-720-0933.

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It meets Cat TO-2 & 4 specs, as well as Allison C-3 & 4. 2001 Mercury 50hp 4 Stroke Repair Manual. It's approved for Komatsu-Dresser equipment. Chevron and other lubricant producers have similar products available. Thanks I ordered the manuals today. Talked to another dealer and they said a 10wt hyd. The other dealer said a 10wt motor oil. The side panel on the dozer says EO which means engine oil but gives no weight.

As Iam having problems with the trans. I want to flush it all out and hope for the best. I had operator running machine and a hose busted for the trans. He said it just happened, but it took 4+ gallons oil. Now when you try and push anything it just stops. Before it would either push or spinthe tracks. He replaced the filter but did not clean the suction screen.

Hoping thats the problem. You are better off with the engine oil in the trans.

The hydraulic oil would not be right for your machine as the tractor does not have a combined function system. You can flush with SAE 10, if you're working in a hot climate you might want to go with 30 later, even 15W40.

It's possible that the trans pump gave it up. Checking the screen will tell you for sure, but cut the filter open too and see what's in it. You may just have a priming problem, but that's unlikely from what I remember of the setup. You may also have some junk in the shift valves or relief.

Hope it isn't life threatening. Well, there is metal, and then there is lot's of different metals, and fibers and o-rings and seal materials. Sounds like some pressure testing may be called for.

Best bet is dealer technician, or former dealer tech out on his own, provided he has TD15 experience. Don't suppose you got any prior maintenance records with this machine when you got it?

Introduction To Management Science 13e Solutions Manual on this page. If it's a local rig, the dealer -- if they are still in business -- may still have some info available. Would give you some idea on previous PM and repairs. Dealer might have what they did, or may be able to call up what other dealers did if you provide serial #.

Best regards. I would second the statement to get someone to do some pressure testing for you. I know just the guy, but he's a bit too far away from you to be cost effective. I hate to say it, but I really doubt the screen not being cleaned is the problem. I would still try it, and check the o-rings on the filter and screen canisters.tempramental they are! On the subject of oil, we always ran 30W in the summer and 10W in the winter.