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Mexican Gringo, Before you get carried away have you checked that your machine doesn't have a shear pin protecting the gearbox, I'm not that familiar with ' Student's' but I thought they had a shear pin between feed shaft and gearbox. Your post is a bit ambiguous, you say you've taken the whole gearbox off the lathe and then you say you cant budge it- which is it? We are talking about the gearbox just below the headstock aren't we?

It's normal practice to remove all lead screws, feed shafts, clutch shafts from the gear box before attempting to remove the feed box. If you don't you stand the risk of bending the shafts, lead screws bend very easily. It's also normal practice to remove the dowels before releasing any fixing screws, the dowels can also be bent also if you don't. Most dowels are threaded and can be removed using a slide hammer.

It's not a bad idea to support the box with some timber until you can get a good grip of the box and remove it. Regards Tyrone. Cheers Tyrone, once the feed shafts have been removed the whole feed gearbox can be removed from headstock. The box is made of two cast halves which split down the middle. I cant seem to separate the two halves to gain access into the box.

There are 3 selector shafts sticking thru from the front which may need to be removed? The dowels you mentioned, are those locating dowels along the edge of the halves that aid alignment? The only other way can see is to remove the feed shaft assemblies where they enter the box, and the drive shaft from the other side as the internal gearings may somehow be locking the whole thing together? What do you think? I've got a Master 2500, 99% the same machine. I've had the feed gearbox apart to fix a leak. There are no hidden screws, dowels, or anything else.

You do need to get the Woodruff keys out of the three shafts. The shafts stay in the gearbox bottom with the rest of the stuff. Take out all the obvious Allen cap screws. My gearbox was glued together with Permatex.

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[b2361a] - Colchester Student 1800 Lathe Manual colchester student 1800 lathe a handbook parts manual is available for the student 1800 colchester home as with older student and master models the. Velleman Solution Manual here. May 13, 2009  Colchester Student 1800 Gearbox Hello All, Im trying to separate the gearbox halves for this lathe, as the feeds stop working randomly. Ive taken the whole gearbox off the lathe and removed all cap heads and tapped along the mating surfaces but it wont budge. I think there are two dowels for alignment, could it just be these. Colchester Student Instruction and Spare Parts Manual Description Extensive instructions (102 pages) with photographs and drawings. Good quality scan in English.

I tapped it apart with a rubber mallet. It is a very tight fit. The oil drain does not drain all the oil by a long shot, there was about a half-pint left in the box. I've got pictures at home. If you need the pics please ask. I won't be home until 10PM EDT tonight, though.

Hi M.G., my pics (clickable links): 1) Feeds Gearbox together You can count 6 SHCS in this view, there are 2 more (if I recall correctly) above where the electrical controls go. Take all these out. 2) Woodruff key on the control shaft I think you've already taken these off. They are outside the gearbox. Clean any burrs off the edges of the shafts around the key seats. You don't have to take off the 1-8 selector lever. 3) Cover Off.

You can see the holes for the Socket Head Cap Screws you've already removed. They are 3 or 4 different lengths.

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There are no other fasteners or anything hidden in the gearbox. I had to pry quite forcibly to get mine apart.

You don't have to take any of the covers off the sides of the gearbox. 4) Control shafts removed This shows the gearbox top part where the electrical controls go. The mounting ears to hold the gearbox to the lathe have a SHCS on each side as I mentioned in picture #1. IT LOOKS like you still have these 2 SHCS installed! I haven't got any other pictures of taking the box apart.

There were no secrets holding it together. As I mentioned mine was glued together with silicone sealant. I had a problem with the feeds not working when the handles were in some positions, and this was because of a missing spacer in the box itself. You could shift the handles beyond their correct positions into 'neutral'.

When I'm using feeds, the leadscrew turns slowly but can be stopped with a light touch. I think this is because of drag of the oil & the bearings. Similarly when I use threads the feed rod turns but can easily be stopped. It looks like you still have the top two SHCS installed: look in your where the broken red line bends on the left side. That looks like a socket head cap screw, there's another on the side towards the camera. If you need more help I can check tomorrow when I get to work; I have the lathe & the service manual there.

Aaron, out of interest does your Master have a drip tray in the headstock to aid oiling of spindle bearings? I found a parts manual for the Student which shows this, but its absent in mine The Master has pressure oiling from a pump driven by the main motor, not the splash oiling of the Student. At least that's what I've read. Mine has pressure oiling. On mine, there's a sight glass on the top front of the headstock, to the left of the speed control dials.

The yellow pipe brings oil from the pump. Inside there's a set of copper tubes that run to the spindle bearings, and a set of tubes that spray oil onto the gears and the FWD & REV clutches (I don't think the Student has those, either?). These tubes are at the very top of the headstock. I'm not familar with the splash oiled Student, except I think you've got a sight glass low on the headstock near the spindle. Have you found the cause of the intermittent feed yet? Calculus Finney Manual. Regards Tyrone The ball detents on the feed selectors were floating around the gearbox, somehow they came free no doubt by the last cake who opened it up. The intermittent feed tho was due to a gear on the right hand, lower shaft being in a 'neutral' position, this was caued by the detent plate on the farthest right hand thread selector being a bit rusted/caked up and the gear was half selected as such.

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Think il fabricate something to act as a splash tray cos im sure there was a reason for it being there.