Colchester Lathe Triumph 2018 Service Manual

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Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe Page 1 email: Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe - Page 1 of Clausing 15' Models 8030, 8031, 8032, 8033 A Handbook & Parts Manual for all versions of the Triumph 2000 Built during February 1968, at the Company's long-established Essex works, the first production Triumph 2000 was the second Model in a new range of lathes introduced by Colchester during the latter half of the decade. Like the first in the Series, the Mascot 1600 (produced from November, 1965), it was a revolution in styling and specification and (though the new models may have lacked mechanical novelty) were a strong reminder that even machine tools are subject to the vagaries and whims of fashion for, with their distinctive 'square' styling, ergonomically-designed controls and bright finishes, the new lathes made their competitors look distinctly dowdy and old-fashioned. It would be unfair, however, to dismiss the Triumph 2000 as a mere styling exercise for this important and very popular lathe was a tough, well-made machine with a combination of capacity, speed and ease of use that made it ideal as a both general-purpose lathe for industry and, because of its modest price, also affordable by smaller machine shops who needed an all-round workhorse able to handle as great a variety of tasks as possible.

So successful was the model that, for some time after its introduction, demand outstripped supply by a considerable margin and used examples were so difficult to find that good ones fetched almost list price. 11 inches (280 mm) wide the bed was induction hardened and ground-finished as standard; it was of the usual Colchester V-and-flat type, with separate pairs of ways for the carriage and tailstock, and available in two lengths that gave either 30 or 50 inches (760 mm and 1270 mm) between centres. Both beds could be had either with or without a detachable gap piece that allowed material up to 23-inches (580 mm) in diameter and 6.125 inches (155 mm) thick to be swung on the (optional-extra) 14 and 21-inch (355 mm or 535 mm) diameter faceplates.

Colchester Centre Lathes Colchester Centre Lathes are the worlds best known manual lathes - outstanding performers with over 100,000 installations globally. See both geared head and variable speed manual lathes with sizes to suit all applications. Colchester Machine Tool Solutions turn to AMB 2018 Read. Follow Colchester Machine Tool. Colchester Lathe Triumph 2018 Service Manual pdf now available for download. Grab this Colchester Lathe Triumph 2018 Service Manual ebook in PDF, ePub. Colchester Lathe Triumph 2018 Service Manual pdf www.pdfsmanualstree. Ford Clutch Manual. com. View online or free download from [PDF] Ricoh Aficio Mp C2050 Manual Service.pdf Colchester triumph 2018 lathe operating manual Colchester triumph 2018 lathe operating manual There are some things that need manual triumph to be. Colchester triumph 2018 lathe manual Colchester triumph 2018 lathe manual Want triumph to convert PDF lathe files to text documents on os x manual 10.When PDF file Interface blaupunkt service manual of. Colchester Lathe Triumph Manual eBooks Colchester Lathe Triumph Manual.,Service Manual Tractor Inter Model 784. Manual Created Date: 4/21/2018 7:49.

Power was provided by a 5.6 kW (7.5 hp) base-mounted motor that drove through 4 V belts to instant-acting forward-and-reverse 'wet' multi-plate clutches of Matrix manufacture mounted inside the headstock on the rearmost layshaft. However, due to a shortage of Matrix components, from Serial No. 28412 German Ortlinghaus clutches were used as well.

The headstock casting could be adjusted laterally on the bed, although before altering the factory setting the owner was strongly cautioned to consult the (very comprehensive) owner's manual. The lubrication arrangements for the headstock reflected the harder work that the lathe was intended to perform and used an impeller-type pump mounted on a oil tank fitted inside the headstock-end plinth and driven from a fifth groove on the main drive pulley; from the tank the oil was taken to a 'distributor block' fastened beneath the headstock's top cover and from there by pipes to the required locations. A flow-indicator sight-glass was fitted to the front face of the headstock to allow the operator to check that oil was flowing correctly. With a hardened 6-in D1 Camlock nose the 2.1875' (55.5 mm) bore spindle was especially rigid and had been designed in conjunction with the British Machine Tool Industry Research Association. All the gears in the headstock, and not just those responsible for the main drive as on less heavily stressed Colchester models, were hardened and finish ground on Reishauer machines. 16 speeds were available, from 25 to 2000 rpm and, because of the high top speed and the capacity of the lathe, the makers warned against the use of other than the dynamically balanced, ductile-iron chucks with hardened scrolls that had been specially commissioned from Burnerd; if a new chuck is required on these lathes it would be unwise to fit anything other than one recommended by a reputable Western manufacturer. You are welcome to for advice as to what is suitable.