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CASE VA Series Manuals This folder contains Service, Parts manuals and info for the CASE VA series tractors.-'CLICK' TO ENLARGE - CLICK AGAIN TO VIEW AND/OR PRINT. Case VAC Yesterday's Tractors for sale at discount prices. Same-day shipping and easy returns. Compare our prices! We have the right parts for your old tractor. Buy Case VAC Tractor manuals and get Free Shipping. OEM Parts, Owners, Service and Repair Manuals are available. Does anyone have any piston sleeves for a vac case with a 3 1/4 bore.

Fits: S, SC, SC-3, SC-4, SI all using disc brakes. Fits VA, VAC using disc brakes, to serial number 5455000 and some serial number 5455000 to 5555000. Fits VAH using disc brakes, to serial number 5558747. Fits VAI, VAO using disc brakes, to serial number 5555000.

Please note: if your lining is bonded instead of riveted you will have to drill rivet holes. Sold in pairs. These are 6 inch outside diameter and 2.140 inside diameter.

They are.191 inches thick. The outside diameter of the rivet is.182 inch and the rivet hole diameter is.198 inch. Replaces: AM695T. (Part No: CKS1601) $36.75. 12 Volt NEGATIVE Ground.

(Also available in 12 Volt POSITIVE, 6 Volt NEGATIVE and 6 Volt POSITIVE - CALL). For the following models using Autolite IAD-6003, IAD6003-2F and IAD6004 distributors. (VERIFY your distributor for match): VA, VAC, VAE, VAI, VAO, VAS, 150, 200, 200B, 210, 210B, 211B, 300, 302, 310, 320, 350B, 351, 400, 400B, 430, 440, 441, 450, 500, 530, 540, 540C, 541, 541C, 580CK, 600B, 640, 640C, 641, 641C, 650, 655, 675, 1150, 1155, 1255.

Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit, replaces points and condenser with an electronic module. Use with 12 volt negative ground system. MUST ALSO REPLACE CAP (part number AL165) and ROTOR (part number AL150) both available from an auto parts store. (Part No: 1541) $85.83. The Ignitor II has many of the same great features that the Ignitor has, but its smarter. It senses the coil current level and uses a powerful micro controller to adjust variable dwell which helps to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range. Senses startup and develops more energy for quicker, easier starting.

Current protection shuts down the system, preventing component damage. NOTE: Ignitor II applications can not be used with solid core ignition wires, can be used with our ignition wires part number S.66442. Replaces points and condenser with an electronic module. Use with 12 volt negative ground systems. For tractor models VA, VAC, VAE, VAI, VAO, VAS, 150, 200, 200B, 210, 210B, 211B, 300, 302, 310, 320 all using Autolite IAD-6003, IAD6003-2F, IAD6004, IAD-6004-2N, IAD-6004-2F and IAD-4029 distributors. MUST ALSO REPLACE CAP part number AL165 and ROTOR part number AL150 both available from an auto parts store.

(Part No: 91541) $121.94. Zenith Style aftermarket replacement for 12522 outperforms the original Marvel carburetors: TSX42, TSX43, TSX74, TSX94, TSX114, TSX253, TSX474, TSX653, TSX668, TSXU828, TSXU829, TSXU831, TSXU832. Linkage is reversible. This carburetor comes with studs which attach to the carburetor and will not work with those applications that the studs need to attach to the manifold. The Mounting Bolts spacing measures 2 5/16 inches center-to-center.

1 year warranty. For models using the above listed carburetor numbers on models VA, VAC, VAI, VAO. (Part No: 12522B) $220.73. This PTO shift lever housing oil seal has a.625 inch Inside Diameter, a 1.128 inch Outside Diameter and is.25 inch wide. It Fits: 430, 430CK, 431, 435, 440, 441, 445, 470, 530, 530CK, 531, 535, 540, 541, 545, 570, 630, 631, 632, 634, 640, 641, 642, 644, 200B, 210B, 211B, 300, 300B, 301, 301B, 302, 302B, 310, 310B, 311, 311B, 312, 312B, 320B, 350B, 351, VA, VAC, VAC-11, VAC-12, VAC-13, VAC-14, VAI, VAIW, VAIW-3, VAO, VAO-15, VAS. Replaces: A26778, G105700, O4244AB (Part No: A26778) $8.93 Seats. This steering wheel nut fits the following tractor models: D, DC, DC3, DC4, DCS, DEX, DH, DI, DO, DV, L, LA, S, SC, SI, SO, V, VA, VAC, VAE, VAH, VAI, VAO, VAS, VC, VI, VO, 1030, 1030CK, 930, 1031, 1032, 200, 200B, 210, 210B, 211B, 300, 300B, 310, 310B, 320, 320B, 400B, 410B, 420B, 430, 430CK, 440, 470, 530, 530CK, 540, 570, 500, 520, 600, 610, 620, 630, 640, 730, 830, 730CK, 740, 830CK, 840, 900, 930CK, 931, and 932.

It measures 0.75 inches wide, 0.444 inches tall, and has a 16 NF thread size. Replaces part numbers: 4291112, 352536R1, 25-1512 and 251512. (Part No: 353435X1) $0.44 Universal Parts and Accessories Category: Accessories / Supplies Accessories / Supplies.

Lucas Hub Oil was formulated to stop leaks in steering axles and trailer hubs on heavy duty trucks. It also allows hubs to run on a marginal amount of oil in case of a blown seal or poor maintenance.

It is an excellent gear lube for racing or heavy duty applications. Key benefits slows leaks, prevents downtime, extremely heat resistant, Very long lasting. (Part No: LU10088) $10.56 Electrical System - Don't see the Alternator you need for your tractor? We have many alternators not listed on this website (for tractors 1953 & newer). Just call us at 800-853-2651. 2015 Drz110 Suzuki Service Manual. Lucas Assembly Lube (4 oz).

Designed to be used as an initial lubricant to metal surfaces. It mixes with any oil and will not plug filters. This product clings to all surfaces and is an excellent rust inhibitor, allowing long term storage for all parts. It is useful wherever tension or torque is applied.

Key Benefits are: Use to pre lube camshaft, bearings, lifters and valve train. Prevents seizing, galling and scuffing perfect for engine lding, super slick and tacky, easy to use, excellent rust inhibitor, excellent for long term storage, contains Zinc, Moly and other extreme pressure additives for maximum protection during engine break-in. (Part No: 10152) $5.00 Engine Parts - Valve Overhaul Kits are located in the Engine Overhaul Kits Section (if available for this tractor). NOTE Engine Rings - Don't see the correct ring set for your tractor? Give us a call and ask for a Hastings Ring Set (made in USA).