Basic Mechanical Workshop Manual

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Basic Mechanical Workshop Practice manual for BTech/B.E/Diploma students. Designed for the core course on Workshop Practice offered to all first-year diploma and degree level students of engineering, this book presents clear and concise explanation of the basic principles of manufacturing processes and equips students with overall knowledge of engineering materials, tools and equipment commonly used in the.

Course Name: Mechanical Engineering Group Course Code: ME/PG/PT/AE/ MH/FE Semester: First Subject Title: Basic Workshop Practice Teaching and Examination Scheme: Teaching Scheme Examination Scheme TH TU PR Paper Hrs TH TEST PR OR TW TOTAL 01 -- 04 -- -- -- -- -- 25 RATIONALE: Mechanical diploma technician is expected to know basic workshop practice like Wood working, Sheet metal. The students are required to identify, operate and control various machines. The students are required to select and use various tools and equipments related to Wood working and sheet metal processes.

OBJECTIVES: The student will able to • Know basic workshop processes. • Read and interpret job drawing. • Identify, select and use various marking, measuring, holding, striking and cutting tools & equipments. • Operate, control different machines and equipments. • Inspect the job for specified dimensions • Produce jobs as per specified dimensions. • Adopt safety practices while working on various machines.

LEARNING STRUCTURE PROBLEM PROCEDURE PRINCIPLE CONCEPTS FACTS Hack saw, Try square, Chisel, Jack planes, Mallet, Files, V-block, Vice, hammer, Wood working machine, Circle cutting machine. Concept of woodworking, different wooden joints and polishing Concept of sheet metal working, different sheet metal joints, operations, riveting and brazing Wood working principle, plaining, sawing, grooving, chiseling process. Principle of wood working machine and other machines and tools for the above processes Sheet metal working principle, cutting, bending, creasing, shearing operations. Kuhn Gf440t Tedder Manual. Principles of soldering and brazing operation, Logical sequence of operation in making wooden joints like marking, planning, chiseling, assembly, polishing etc Logical sequence of operation, in making sheet metal jobs like marking, bending, cutting shearing, lancing riveting etc Use different wood working processes to produce articles like chair, table, chaupang etc.

Mechanical Engineering Workshop

Usa Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Manual. To operate and control machines and tools used in these processes. Use different Sheet metal processes to produce articles like metal can, boxes, measuring jar, funnel etc. To operate and control machines and tools used in these processes. CONTENTS: THEORY S.NO. Name of Topic Hrs 01 CARPENTRY SHOP 1.