Banquet Service Manual

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Travel Air Trailers Manual on this page. The banquet manager sets policies for dress, behavior, service procedures and staffing requests. For example, staff members may be allowed to swap shifts without permission if they are long-time employees and an event is not unique to the facility. Chrysler 9 9 Outboard Motor Manual.

Preparing the Tables: Make sure all silverware is clean/no spots Linens (tablecloths and napkins) are spotless The server is responsible for the complete service of food and beverages, catering to all of the guests' needs. The ultimate goa l - that the guest has an enjoyable dining experience. Serving Food: Serve food from the left Serve beverages from the right Clear dishes from the right Uniform: Black pants (no jeans or yoga pants) Closed-toe black shoes (no boots) Candlestone white button-up oxford shirt Uniform is neatly pressed - no wrinkles Appearance: Neatly groomed No excessive jewelry Hair pulled back (if past shoulders) Remember: Job of a Banquet Server: Friendly Service: Napkins! Banquet Server Training Tactics Remember that guests can see you whenever you are in the room!

Smile, be efficient, and be quiet. Maintain good posture Make eye contact with guests Keep an eye on your tables without constantly hovering over them Be aware of your surroundings - help out your other servers if they need it, be sure to always be available to your guests Do not neglect a guest request just because the guest is not in your area. If he/she makes a request directly to you, tell their server, or if applicable, do it yourself. For our events, we will use the Pyramid Napkin Fold. Time for a napkin folding demonstration and practice! Walk clockwise while serving beverages and clearing plates Walk counter-clockwise while serving food to the guest When holding dishes, hold by the edge/rim of the plate.

Keep all fingers away and out of the food. Don't: Banquet Server Do's and Don'ts: Do: Keep quietly focused on the guests Warn guests when serving hot plates and beverages Handle all items as quietly as possible Do not huddle or chat with other servers while on the floor Don't eat or drink in front of the guests Don't stand around with your hands in your pockets or arms crossed Don't chew gum QUIZ TIME! Banquet Set Up Tasks 1. Set Up Banquet Bar Cover bar with 81 linen and pin sides Get mixers (tonic, soda, OJ, cranberry juice, pink lemonade, grenadine, pop, sour mix, milk/cream) Cut lemons/limes Stock beer/wine; get liquor Stock plastic cups, cocktail napkins, green and red straws Set out tip jar, get money bag from front desk and cash drawer from bar 2. Polish Silverware 3. Fold Napkins Banquet Set Up Tasks Continued 4.

Banquet Service Manual

Set Table Make sure linens look neat, are centered on table, hurricanes are clean (if used) Silverware: 1 Knife, 1 Spoon, and 3 Forks Water Goblets and Crafts (All goblets matching at each table) 5. Fill Goblets and Crafts with Ice (fill to brim) 6. Fill with Water (~1hr before, fill head table last) 7.

Light Candles if Necessary (~10 min before guests arrive) 8. Set Ambiance (Music, Lights, Decorations) 9. Set up Coffee/Water/Lemonade/Tea, as well as Cups, Sugar, Cream, Stirrers 10. Prepare Trays, Tray Jacks, Cup Racks, Lexan Containers, Silverware Bucket, Extra Dishes/Silverware Banquet Tear-Down Tasks 1. Finish Clearing Tables: Take the dirty dishes upstairs to be washed, bring down the clean dishes and put them away 2. Remove linens from tables and place in linen bag 3. Pick up all trash, Take trash to dumpster 4.

Take beer bottles/Cans to shed 5. Empty and wash all gallon beverage containers used 6. Put away Liquor/Banquet Bar 7. Take all Opened Wine/Kegs up to the bar to be used as soon as possible Banquet Tear-Down Tasks Continued 8. Put away supplies from restaurant (Salt and Pepper Shakers/ Trays/ Tray Jacks/ etc.) 9.

If Hurricane Centerpieces are used, run all mirror bases through the dishwasher, if necessary, and put them away neatly in the closet 10. Put away all centerpieces neatly in the closet 11. Put away necessary amount of tables/chairs neatly in the Boiler Room (Chairs in stacks of 8) 12. Clean all surfaces and put everything back in place 13.

Lock Beer Cooler (Return bar keys to Kat) 14. Bartender: Count down money bag Bussing When clearing tables, it is important to completely clear one table at a time.

Make sure that all items that relate to the food service is taken from the tables (ex: Salt and pepper shakers, all utensils, plates) Pouring Champagne Setting the Table.