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Pilots blamed for frozen speedometer that may have caused Russian passenger jet to crash killing all 71 on board - and they knew there were problems BEFORE it took off • All 71 on board AN-148 were killed when it crashed outside Moscow on Sunday • Passenger jet nosedived and exploded on the ground six minutes after take-off • Captain and co-pilot reported 'we have problems' before taxiing onto the runway • But despite reference to unspecified issue, the pilots proceeding to take-off By Published: 11:45 BST, 13 February 2018 Updated: 19:04 BST, 13 February 2018. The pilots of a passenger jet that crashed killing all 71 on board failed to turn on heating for key equipment resulting in flawed speed data, it has emerged. The AN-148 aircraft nosedived and exploded on the ground just minutes after leaving from Moscow's Domodedovo airport to Orsk on Sunday. Investigators say the disaster could have been caused by instruments showing incorrect speed after sensors had iced over due to a heating unit not being activated by pilots.

First accident involving an Antonov AN-148. Deviations from recommendations in the flight manual in executing the emergency descent 4).

Antonov An-148 commercial aircraft. Antonov An-148 pictures, specifications, cabin configuration. Antonov An-148 reviews and traveller comments. Antonov An-148 Aircraft Technical Manual ( Russian Language ) Disclaimer: This item is sold for historical and reference Only. These are either ORIGINAL or COPIES of manuals and blueprints used when these aircraft were in active duty, now transferred into electronic format. An Antonov 148-100E plane, registered 61708. Deviations from recommendations in the flight manual in executing the emergency descent; 4).

It comes as it emerged that flight deck crew, Captain Valery Gubanov, 51, and co-pilot Sergey Gambaryan, 44, reported having technical problems before taxiing onto the runway. By this morning, some 1,489 fragments of bodies and 498 aircraft wreckage pieces were found in macabre searches by investigators, said an official from the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Scroll down for video. Share The plane plummeted into a snowy field six minutes later. The pilots performed a series of manoeuvres and eventually took the plane into a dive at 30-35 degrees before the crash.

The committee said it is continuing to study the data, but noted that 'erroneous data on the pilots' speed indicators may have been a factor that triggered the special flight situation'. It emphasised that the flawed speed data resulted from the 'icing of pressure measurement instruments that had their heating systems turned off'.

Earlier reports indicated that the plane's captain had chosen not to have the plane undergo a de-icing treatment before take-off. The pilots of the stricken AN-148 plane which crashed killing all 71 on board reported technical problems moments before takeoff. Here are some of the key exchanges: Crew: 'To the right 1200, pressure 998.' Control Tower: '703, the Domodedovo-circle.

Good afternoon. International Dt570 Engine Repair Manual. Take the flight level 60' Crew: 'We choose the flight level 60, the parameter of systems 03.' Crew: 'In a couple of minutes. We contact the technical team, we have problems. Literally in a minute we'll tell you, whether we taxi to the stand, or we taxi out.' Control Tower: '551, Domodedovo-circle, hello.

Left positions are given, the course 'Delta Kilo for the interval, initially take 800 metres, ahead in passing and above.' Crew: 'To the left on Delta-Kilo we take 800 metres.' Control Tower: 'To the right on Delta-Kilo, take 800.

Did you understand correctly. Crew: 'With the right turn to the Delta-Kilo, take 800 metres. We are taking the flight level 130, 134. Thank you, bye.' Russian rescuers worked at the crash site yesterday as they searched for clues in the wake of the tragedy The crew decides whether to have the plane sprayed by de-icing liquid, depending on weather conditions and the state of the plane. Meanwhile, a leak purporting to show exchanges with air traffic control appears to show that the crew called the Saratov Airlines technical team over an unspecified issue at the last minute. The glitch was serious enough for the captain to contemplate refusing his takeoff slot, although in the end he did not do so.

One of the pilots warned as he was being given takeoff instructions from the control tower: 'In a couple of minutes. We contact the technical team, we have problems. Briggs And Stratton 28n707 Service Manual more. 'Literally in a minute we'll tell you, whether we taxi to the stand, or we taxi out.'

The wording implies the plane had already pushed back from the stand when this exchange took place. Air traffic control did not appear to acknowledge their warning, and later exchanges - all in Russian - show the pilots proceeding to takeoff as if they had resolved their concerns. The final words from the flight deck were: 'Thank you, bye.' The exchanges appear at odds with earlier assurances from the airline that there was nothing amiss in the plane's preparations for takeoff. The Investigative Committee, in charge of the a criminal probe into the crash, also denied that the pilots had reported problems to the control tower. The plane came down in Argunovo (pictured) shortly after taking off from Moscow on Sunday Independent technical expert Yuri Antipov was quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper as saying: 'This is the pilot who is talking about technical problems.

'The same person then reports that they will decide whether to taxi or not. 'So, there were technical problems in the plane right before take-off.' He added: 'It was before taxiing onto the runway, when the crew checks - according to the established regulations - the operability of all systems.