Accumet Ab15 Plus Meter Manual

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Plus, not only are Accumet Benchtop Meters accu-rate. Temperature (AB15) and conduc-tivity measurement. User manual, and power supply. AR50B Meter Kit. Includes: Meter Only package includes meter, power supply, electrode support (13-637-671) and operation manual. Meter Kit package includes items above plus an accumet liquid-filled, glass body single-junction combination pH Ag/AgCl Electrode (13-620-285) and separate ATC probe (13-620-19). Accumet Ab15 Plus Ph Meter Manual (Direct Download). Some refer to it FISHER SCIENTIFIC AB15 PH METER MANUAL. Fisher Scientific Ab15 Ph Meter Manual.

• Meter Type Benchtop • Display type LCD • Min pH (pH) -1.99 • Max pH (pH) 19.99 • pH Resolution 0.01/0.1 • pH Accuracy ±0.01 pH • Buffer Recognition DIN, NIST, USA, and custom • Calibration Up to 5 points • Min mV (mV) -1800 • Max mV (mV) 1800 • mV Resolution 0.1 mV • mV Accuracy ±0.1 mV • Min Temperature (° C) -5 • Max Temperature (° C) 105 • Min Temperature (° F) 23 • Max Temperature (° F) 221 • Temperature compensation Automatic or manual • Interface Ethernet, RS-232, and USB • Width (cm) 19.05 • Height (cm) 8.255 • Description AB15 Basic pH/mV benchtop meter, 110/220 VAC 59330-00. STAFF EXPERT A: The Ion-Selective Electrodes are compatible with any pH/ISE meter that has a BNC connection. This meter has a BNC connection and is capable of displaying readings in millivolts (it will not display ion values in ppm). During the calibration process, the user will create a calibration curve plotting millivolt readings to their correlative concentration values. If you prefer your meter be able to be calibrated to provide concentration values directly, you may be interested in the Accumet XL25 (59331-25).

Other options are avialable, please contact our applications support by phone or emial for further assistance. A: The AB15 Accumet Basic meter does not have an RS-232 or USB output to connect to a computer. The research units, 59330-10 or 59330-15 did have a computer compatible feature, but have been disconnected. I suggest looking at the 59331-15 which has RS232, USB-B, USB-A, and RJ45 connection to hook up to a computer or printer. There is even a space for an SD card to hold readings and transfer them without a cable. What is printed can also be selected and customized. Separate software is not needed.

The accumet AB-series meters offer benefits typically found on more expensive meters — a graphic LCD, bidirectional RS-232 and USB connectivity, password protection, and GLP compliant 500 datapoint memory. The large, backlit display lets you easily view measurements with calibration data; plus a graphic electrode status indicator allows you to verify electrode condition at a glance. The meter accepts up to five-point pH calibration with custom or preset buffer groups in pH mode. It also offers calibration and high/low alarms for system monitoring. ISE mode offers direct measurements in ppm, mg/L, and molar concentration. Meter accepts pH and ISE electrodes with a BNC connector, and two- and four-cell conductivity probes with cell constants equal to 0.1, 1.0, and 10.

Meter only order probes separately. Lt80 Clutch Manual more.