94 Suzuki Rm 125 Service Manual

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94 Suzuki Rm 125 Service Manual 93 SUZUKI RM 125 SERVICE MANUAL 93 SUZUKI RM 125 SERVICE MANUAL Do you searching for 93 Suzuki Rm 125 Service Manual? Fork oil level, rm125 - Suzuki 2005 RM 125 question. My front forks on my 94 rm125 compress but won't. 2003 Suzuki rm 125 repair manual. 2003 Suzuki RM 125. Apr 16, 2016  Suzuki DR 250 / 350 1990 1994 Full Service Manual 69.9 mb Suzuki RM 125 2001 2006 Full Service Manual 28.1 mb Suzuki RM 250 2001 2006 Full Service Manual 28.4 mb. Forum Main Moto-Related Service Manuals for Download - in PDF. 2018 Washougal Motocross National: 250 & 450 Race Highlights.

• 3567 Answers SOURCE: Forks can get pretty complicated. If they have been worked on it is not just re-filling with oil to a certain level.

That would be the case if the seals leak a bit and all you are doing is adding oil to replace what has gotten past the seals. I am giving you a site where you can download a free factory service manual. Everything on servicing the forks and the rest of the bike is in the manual. There is a 2003 manual on the site.

Your 2004 forks are the same as the 2003. All other service procedures are also the same.

94 Suzuki Rm 125 Service Manual

Go to this site and you can download a free PDF service manual. Plasmacam User Manual. The site may take up to 20 seconds to load the complete list of manuals. Please rate my answer.

Posted on Nov 22, 2009. To change the fork seals in a 2004 FXD you will need to remove the forks from the bike and then drain the oil and then remove the dust seal and the retaining ring and spacer from the top of the fork and then remove the Allen head screw from the bottom of the fork to release the fork tube and then using the fork tube like a slide hammer drive the upper bushing, seal and spacer out the top of the slider. While apart you should also inspect the rings and bushings etc.

You will need a special seal driver to reinstall the upper bushing, seal and spacer and then you will need to accurately refill the fluid to the correct level/amount. FXD/FXDL uses 10.6 OZ or 0.31 cc of Harley-Davidson TYPE E FORK OIL (Part No.

HD-99884-80) and the level measurement is 6.69 inches or 169.9 mm. Be very careful and accurate with the oil level as too much or too little will adversely affect the function, ride and steering of the bike. It is best to use a fork oil level gauge and set it so that the ring will sit 6.69 inches or 169.9 mm from the end of the tube and secure it at that position. If your gauge has a plunger cylinder on it push the plunger on the cylinder all the way in and then with the fork tube bottomed in the fork slider, insert the tube until the ring rests flat on top of the fork tube and pull the plunger out to suck up excess oil from the fork tube. If no oil is sucked up into the gauge cylinder you need to add more oil until there is enough excess oil in the fork tube to have an excess amount sucked out of the fork tube.

In this manner the gauges and cylinder will accurately set the fork oil level. If you have a vacuum operated gauge such as with a tool that attaches to a vacuum brake bleeder you will set the tool at 6.69 inches or 169.9mm as with the other type of tool and operate it the same way to remove excess oil to a precise and accurate specified fork oil level which is very important as an incorrect oil level can adversely affect motorcycle handling. Jul 12, 2014 . Standard oil level: 90 mm (3.54 in) Extent of adjustment: 80 ~ 120 mm (3.15 ~ 4.72 in) From top of outer tube with inner tube and damper rod fully compressed without spring. CAUTION: Adjust the oil level in 5 mm (0.2 in) incre- ments or decrements. Too low oil level causes the front fork to produce a noise at full rebound or the rider to feel some pres- sure on his hands or body. Alternatively, too high oil level will develop unexpectedly early oil lock with the consequent shorter front fork travel and deteriorated perfor- mance an characteristics.

Therefore, adjust the front fork within the specified range. Apr 03, 2013 . FORK OIL • Place the front fork vertically without spring. • Compress it fully. • Pour specified front fork oil up to the top level of the outer tube.