2011 Polaris Ranger 500 Efi Manual

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2011 Polaris Ranger 500 Efi Manual Rating: 9,1/10 8233reviews

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View and Download Polaris Ranger 4x4 500 EFI owner's manual online. Ranger 4x4 500 EFI Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download.

I sold my Rhino to my father and was going to by a newer one and decided I would stop buy a polaris dealer and check out the 800 xp. Well I saw it and was disappointed cause it was bigger than my truck that I would be pulling it with.

I started walking out and the salesman stopped me and asked why. Don't you like it. I told him I'm a rhino guy for sometime now and I want a mid size utv. He said why dont you take a look at the 500 ranger. I was thinking why would I drop down 200cc's when rhino makes a 450 as well.

Anyways he talked me into a test drive and I was impressed at the power. I left there still Rhino bound until I talked to a few polaris owners and they swore by them. 2 months later after tons of research, from resale to what reviews mentioned about all polaris' I decided to purchase it. I'm on my 35th mile and I'm very happy about my decision. Speed wise it will smoke a rhino. They claim ranger 500 will do 44 mph.

I dont know how accurate the speedo is but I had mine was over 53 on the highway with nearly 500 pounds between 2 passengers. The 4 wheel drive works awsome It snowed 8's on the 2nd day of owning it and it was impressive. I actually pulled a car up a 1/8 mile steep hill. The guy in the car was a rhino owner as well and he was impressed. While driving off road if it starts to bog in mud just push it to the floor and it will jump out of the mud. Absolutely was amazed of how touchy and strong the acceleration was.

So far my only negative feedback is the parking brake works absolutely great but dont use it on a steep hill. Its extremely hard to disengage it took me nearly an hour to get off the steep hill. The belt seemed to slip a little but i believe that was due to it being brand new it doesnt seem to do it anymore.

I do love the downhill braking on the rhino which is not on the polaris but all you have to do is tap the gas pedal and it will brake on you. Does have a few plastic parts I'm weary of but I think they will be fine. I'll have to see how they work out in the long run. Turning is very easy and its ride is way smoother. All in all its nearly 1500 dollars cheaper and a better all around vehicle. I have 400 miles now after purchasing it when it was first released.

It is used for Ice-fishing, hunting, trail riding and small chores around the house. I especially like the turf mode on the yard it simply does not tear up the grass. Tascam M 216 Manual. Ride is smooth and it tows my 1400# Ice house with no problems. Steering is light and an added bonus is how quiet it is in the woods when hunting. The 4WD system works great and it can go through the snow although clearance can be an issue. I am adding tracks for this winter as my friendshave it on their atvs and they can go almost anywhere they are amazing so they should make it a 'go anywhere vehicle.'

We are very happy with the dealer and have had no problems other than tightening up a few minor things. Peugeot Satelis 125cc Satelis Manual. Another bonus is the large fuel tank and good fuel economy compared to the twin cylinder rigs. The size makes it fit easily in the garage. I highly recommend it. First and last Polaris I will ever own. I use it around the house and trail riding.

I use it but not abuse it by any means. Have about 1600 miles on it and so far have replaced the left front cv shaft plunge joint, right front cv shaft assy., both rear wheel bearings, battery, and my rear sway bar h. At about 1000 miles it started quiting at idle if the fan or lights came on or you tried to use the winch. That is when I replaced the battery with an Odessy top of the line battery. That did not help the issue. And now the newest is the fuel pump has given up on me.

I have had Yamahas and Honda quads before and was much harder on them with no issues. I am deeply disappointed in the quality and dependability of this machine. Think the next machine will be a Can Am.