2005 Mercury Xr6 150 Repair Manual

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2005 Mercury Xr6 150 Specs
2005 Mercury Xr6 150 Repair Manual2005 Mercury Xr6 150 Repair Manual

Good Morning, Recently purchased a used 2005 Nitro 288 with a 150 Merc XR6. Springfield 25 Lawn Mower Manual. I have had it on the water 3 times now and the engine appears to run very well - no obvious signs of trouble to the ear - gets right up on plane. The engine does have some difficulty starting after sitting but does not exhibit those signs once warmed up, cranks right up. Recently tried my buddies 23p prop and found the RPM's couldn't get above 4800. So we put back on my 19p and found the engine couldn't go above 4800 RPM.

I own a 2005 mercury xr6 150 hp outboard. It only starts in neutral, full throttle. Even after it has been warmed up. - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic. Our 150HP Mercury workshop manuals contain in-depth maintenance, service and repair information. Get your eManual now! Find great deals on eBay for Mercury Outboard Manual in Boats. Clymer Repair Manual Mercury Outboards 4. Mercury Mariner 135 • 150 • 175 • 200 2-Stroke. How do you adjust the automatic oil injection on a mercury xr6 150 hp; manual service. 2005 mercury 150 hp outboard manual. Service and repair manual 150 hp.

This doesn't seem right to me. Is there anything between the throttle and engine that could cap max RPM's @ 4800? This outboard is rated for 5600. I've seen some talk about a faulty CDM module but haven't found much information on this thing. Thank you so much! Re: 2005 Mercury 150 XR6 MAX RPMs @ 4800 setho, I used to own your boats little brother the 04 Nitro 188 Sport.

In fact mine was the same color as yours. Mine was powered by a 07 Optimax 150. I ran a 6' Jack Plate with a 21P Tempest Plus set at 4' below the pad. It would run 56-57MPH (5600-5700RPMS) on the GPS any day of the week with 3 people and 30 gallons of fuel and 57-58MPH (5700-5800RPMs) with just me and the wife on it. It also had one heck of a hole shot.

The 288 is only 125 pounds heavier than the 188 BTW. To get the most out of it you need to duplicate my setup but use a 19P Tempest Plus. The 6' Jack Plate is a must so you can get them motor height right and so is the Tempest Plus. You need the bow lift the Tempest will provide.

Setup right I don't see why you can't get 54-55 out of your rig. You have other problems. You should be able to hit the mid 5000 point or higher with even the 23 pitch.

Try disconnecting the idle stabilizer and setting the max timing to 24 degrees. Then take it for a run. If it runs OK set your idle speed with the idle timing adjustment and call it a day. Throw the stabilizer int he garbage or put it on a shelf somewhere. That definitely may help, but no way will a XR6 turn a 23P prop to mid 5000s on that hull. It's just a slow and heavy hull.

Although he did say he got it up to 5400RPMs with just him on it. When I first got my 188 Sport it was running a 21P Laser 2 and the motor was mounted to the transom as low as it would go. It would run 51-52MPH and turn 5100-5200 RPMs (at the low end of WOT range for a Opti). I picked up 200-300RPMs and 2-3MPH by just installing the jack plate and getting the motor height right. My experience with the Laser 2 on that hull is that it can't carry a load very well.

Put some weight on it and you loose bow lift and performance big time. The Tempest on the other hand carries a load like a Mac truck. I could load mine up and only loose 1-2MPH with that prop.

The Tempest would also let me trim the motor up as high as it would go without cavitation and that hull needs the trim if it's ever going to get up on the pad. Re: 2005 Mercury 150 XR6 MAX RPMs @ 4800 Guys, I appreciate all the info. The 17p High Five looks very cool installed and performs VERY well when it comes to getting the boat on plane and smooth operation. There is little reverse torque so I had to put the trailer in a bit further to get the boat unloaded compared to the 19p Laser II.

Top-end is sacrificed, as we knew, by about 7 mph. However, I was able to run 5200 - 5300 WOT @ 44mph with very little trim. The engine load sounds a ton better. @Dan02gt - I will definitely consider replicating your setup on my rig. Thanks little brother!

@Wired247 - my old boat had the idle stabilizer removed. I've ready forums where dudes have killed engines because that thing malfunctioned. Thanks for everything!!