1988 Dodge Ram 150 Owner Manual

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Dodge Truck & SUV forum with the best tech and vehicle help on the web. We are the premiere place for 1st gen and 2nd gen Dodges as well as a great source for newer models as well. 1988 RAM -Troubleshooting trouble. Dodge D150 Repair Manual.pdf Free Download Here DODGE RAM TRUCK REPAIR MANUAL. 81-370-8008 1988 Dodge Truck Service Manual D150-350.

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I have a 1988 Ramcharger that I need help trouble shooting. The symptoms include: rough idle, low end surges followed by the engine dying. At idle you can depress accellerator to the floor with no affect for several seconds. When driving at speed it is as if there is an on - off switch being thrown during this 'off' period the engine is still running, but with no accellerator response. I have had this vehichle diagnosed by multiple mechanics who can not find the problem, as sometimes it will run 'o.k.' Repairs that have been made include: Tune up, new fuel filter and presure regulator- fuel presure and leak down meet specs, Throttle body gone through with the injectors replaced, new breather and pcv valve, 5 yearsago the controlor(brain) and pick up assem.

Inside of the distributor were replaced.General maintenence is good with about 130,000 miles on this 318. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 1988RAM I have a very similar truck, '88 318 5.2 L V. A few weeks ago I began having very similar problems.

I could put the accelerator to the floor and the truck would slowly accelerate then it whould just jump out of nowhere and take off. Idle was really rough too. Over the last two weeks I have done some basic repairs that seem to have helped. I rebuild the carb (some of the ports were literally clogged), replaced the EGR valve, new thermostat, new O2 sensor, cleaned the valve covers, cleaned/replaced most of the tubing.

I just put everything back into night and it seemed to run much better. I had a small leak somewhere and it got to dark to work on it more so I don't know for sure. I'm going to finish up tomorrow morning and I'll let you know. So far everything has cost me under $200 to do myself and I am a novice at vehicle repairs.

When was the fuel pump replaced last time? Are there any error codes being stored in the computer? My guess would be a fuel pump that's on it's way out or the in-tank filter may be partially clogged. Even with good pressure readings you can still be having problems with the pump.pressure is one thing and insufficient volume is another. Here is a service bulletin you might be interested in. Engine - No Start/Surge or Hesitation Models 1988-89 B/AB, D/AD, N/AN Bodies Subject Insufficient Fuel Volume Due To A Ruptured Fuel Pump Supply Hose Index FUEL Date October 30, 1989 No.

14-02-89 (C14-08-9) P-3932 BODY CODE LEGEND B/AB - DODGE RAM VAN/WAGON (RWD) D/AD - DODGE RAM PICKUP/RAMCHARGER SPORT UTILITY (RWD, 4WD) N/AN - DODGE DAKOTA/DAKOTA SPORT (RWD, 4WD) SYMPTOM/CONDITION No start, surge or hesitation due to insufficient fuel supply to the throttle body. This condition may be caused by a ruptured fuel supply hose at the in-tank fuel pump module. DIAGNOSIS Before performing the diagnosis for the above SYMPTOM/ CONDITION, perform the Fuel System Pressure Release Procedure as called out in the 'Fuel System' section of the appropriate 1988 or 1989 service manual. The following procedure will help in diagnosing a ruptured fuel pump supply hose. Disconnect the fuel supply hose from the throttle body. Connect fuel system pressure tester, Miller Tool C-4799-A, to the fuel supply hose. Connect DRB II diagnostic tester to the vehicle connector.

Turn the ignition key to the 'Run' position. Cycle the DRB II to the Actuate Outputs Test for 'Auto Shutdown Relay.' This will activate the fuel pump and pressurize the system. The pressure gauge should stabilize at 100 Kpa +/- 7 Kpa (14.5 psi +/- 1 psi).

Clamp the fuel return hose shut at the throttle body. The fuel pressure will increase and stabilize at approximately 345 Kpa (50 psi).

Turn the ignition to the 'OFF' position. If the fuel pressure drops slightly (less than 5 psi) and then stabilizes, the system is operating correctly. If the fuel pressure drops rapidly (to below 10 psi in one minute or less) a leak is present in the fuel supply system.

If no leaks are visible between the fuel tank and the throttle body, the problem is most likely a ruptured fuel supply hose at the fuel pump module. Remove the fuel return hose clamp and the fuel pressure tester. PARTS REQUIRED 1 Fuel Supply Hose (B/AB) P/N 52006220 1 Fuel Supply Hose (D/AD, N/AN) P/N 52006219 Figure 1 REPAIR PROCEDURE This procedure outlines the replacement of the fuel supply hose at the fuel pump module. Remove fuel tank assembly from vehicle. Remove fuel pump module from fuel tank. Using service manual procedures (Page 14-4 of 1989 Rear-Wheel-Drive Truck Manual # 81-370-9008), disassemble fuel pump module assembly just to the point of being able to remove the fuel supply hose from the fuel pump module lid (Figure 1).

Remove fuel supply hose from fuel pump. Remove pump mounting bracket and rubber collar from hose. Discard hose and clamps. Slide clamps included in package onto new supply hose (see 'PARTS REQUIRED' for application). Install supply hose with the short end attached to module lid. Attach fuel pump to supply hose. Mpxa Transmission Manual.

Tighten clamps to 1 N-m (10 in.lbs.). Install pump mounting bracket and rubber collar on hose, positioning bracket just under locating clamp on hose. Reassemble module. Install module into fuel tank and install fuel tank in vehicle. Start vehicle to check for fuel leaks and to verify proper operation. This site best viewed @ 1024x768 or larger screen resolution with the Newest Version of Firefox or Internet Explorer This site © Copyright 2018 RamchargerCentral.Com, All Rights Reserved Any content that is not property of RamchargerCentral.Com is displayed with the owners permission Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, and the Pentastar emblem are registered trademarks of the Chrysler Corporation.

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