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• MEDIA SYSTEM TOUCH/COLOUR Owner’s manual. • About this manual The illustrations are intended as a general guide and may vary from the equipment fitted WARNING in your vehicle in some details. This manual contains information, recommen- Texts preceded by this symbol contain infor- The screen colour and the colour of the infor- dations, advice and warnings related to your mation on safety. •.Overview of the unit (valid for: IBIZA, LEON, TOLEDO). • Overview Overview Overview of the unit (valid for: IBIZA, LEON, TOLEDO) Fig. 1 Overview of the controls ››› ››› ››› ››› page 11 page 18 page 39 page 7 ››› ››› ››› page 8 page 41 page 7 ››› ›››. • Overview Overview of the unit (valid for: ATECA) Overview of the controls (this configuration depends on the version).

Access your Seat Ibiza Owner's Manual Online Seat Ibiza Owners Manual. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Seat Ibiza. Holden Vk Commodore Repair Manual there.

2 ››› ››› ››› ››› page 11 page 18 page 39 page 7 ››› ››› ››› page 8 page 41 page 7 ›››. • Overview Main menus Summary of the menus Fig.

• Overview ››› ››› Main menu RADIO page 11 Select, tune and store stations to memory page 14 ››› ››› Radio data services RDS page 12 SCAN page 15  ››› Radio page 11 ››› ››› Digital radio mode page 13 Traffic information TP page 15 ›››. • “AIRBAG” on the steering Safety notes happen if you are exposed to an excessively wheel, on the dash panel, on the seat backr- high volume even for a short time. Ests or between these areas and the passen- Travelling on today's roads requires the driv- gers.

• Introduction Rotary knobs and buttons the on/off button is pressed (depending on Lightly pressing the buttons or briefly ● the equipment fitted or the vehicle). If you pressing the touchscreen is sufficient to op- Rotary knobs turn the unit back on after the engine has erate the unit. • Introduction Silence the unit Operating the function buttons on- The active areas of the screen that represent a function are called “function buttons” and screen Turn the volume control  anticlockwise ● are used by pressing them briefly on the dis- until you see . • Introduction Activating the list entries and search- ● To quickly scan through a long list: Place Operation and effect your finger on the scroll marker and move it ing through the lists downwards over the screen without losing Move the cursor around the screen by pressing lightly, without resting your fin- contact. • Introduction The initial configuration wizard will help you Function Function to set up your Infotainment system the first button time you switch it on. To go to the previous or next parameter Every time you switch on the Infotainment to set.

System, the initial setup screen will appear When a parameter has been set, the only PREVIOUS. • Radio Radio Function Function button Radio mode Selects the previous/next stored station (or available station). Arrow buttons setup   in the Setup (FM, AM, DAB) menu Introduction ››› page Note   Change between station banks. ● Please bear in mind that in car parks, tun- nels, areas with high buildings or mountains Stops the station scan function (only visi- ble when the function is running) • Radio Radio Data Services RDS (FM band) Radio text Not all units have RDS, nor do all FM stations offer this service. Some RDS-enabled stations also broadcast additional text information known as radio Without RDS it is not possible to obtain radio text.

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• Radio Digital radio mode (DAB, DAB+ and Starting DAB radio mode Automatic station tracking: change from DAB to FM DMB audio)* In the RADIO main menu, press the function ››› Fig. 12 and select In DAB setup/Advanced settings you BAND can change to the FM frequency band for au- The DAB radio station that was last selected tomatic station tracking. • Radio Memory buttons ). Yamaha 40xwt Manual. It is also possible to change mem- 9-12 Selecting a station ory banks by using the  and  buttons on the touchscreen. To update the The list of stations in the FM frequency list of stations band is automatically updated. • Radio select a station using the stored station but- the station that broadcasts the correspond- Storing stations tons, or when a traffic announcement comes ing traffic information will be played.

Storing a sta- Press the function button to Stations In FM mode, the station tuned in must have tion on the open the list of stations. • Radio AM setup The volume of the traffic announcement can Function button: function be adjusted with the volume control. The ad- Select the AM frequency band by pressing ● justed volume setting will be applied to sub-: All stored stations on the selected frequen- Preset list infotainment button. • Radio Function button: function Function button: function: Scan function. When the scan function is active,: automatic station tracking SCAN DAB-DAB station tracking  all available stations on the current frequency band are within the DAB frequency band has been activated. Played in sequence for approximately 5 seconds each: switching to FM frequency ›››.

Seat Ibiza Manual