Sea Doo Brp Rxp 215 Manual

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Sea Doo Brp Rxp 215 Manual

Hello.I'm new to this forum so bare with me if I lack specific knowledge. I just bought a 2005 RXT with 120 hours from a dealer here in town. The previous owner took it in to get some work done and elected to get a new ski. It got a new supercharger.updated washers.jet pump rebuilt as well as a full service job. My question is what will I have to worry about with this ski? I'd like to stay ahead of issues as much as I can but I'm a little worried after reading lots of threads on this forum.

I took it out the other day and it ran perfect and I was amazed by the power. I'm used to older 2 strokes so I'm trying to get familiar with oil issues.spark plugs and anything else I need to think about. Any advice would be helpful.Thanks!

In reality with the 4-tec all you have to keep up with are the oil changes. And the supercharger rebuilt every 100 hours. Do you have actual evidence the supercharger was rebuilt?? Not trying to contradict what you say but i cant stress enough the importance of updating those washers and rebuilding at 100 hours.

Maybe you can take the supercharger off and verify for your self?? A simple 15 minute job can save you about 4 grand for a complete motor rebuild. What were your max rpms out on the water? Ge Gas Turbine Manual. Congrats on your purchase and welcome:cheers: post some pics of your new ski when you can!! Change the oil, oil filter AND spark plugs (whether you think they need it or not!) every year under average usage (at end of boating season before winterizing or at beginning of boating season before 1st outting, your choice). If you live on the water and use it every single day all summer long then you may need to change it more often, but few can put over 50 hours on 1 in a single boating season.

Seadoo Rxp 215 Owners Manual. GTX GSX RXP RXT WAKE Owners Manual Sea Doo GTX/RXP/RXT Rebuild Kit This is the rebuild kit for your 215/255hp Sea Doo.

Rebuild or replace the supercharger every 100 hours like clockwork (there is a guy named Jerry at GreenHulk who you can pull your supercharger and mail it to and he'll rebuild it for you if you buy the kit he supplies for a nominal fee, very much worth it and he's got fast turn-around I'm told!). Finally, unless you store it in a climate controlled garage or storage area you need to be certain to winterize it before the 1st freeze of the winter season, then de-winterize it every spring after you're sure the last freeze has passed! Winterizing involves running antifreeze thru the jetpump and into the intercooler and exhaust system lines so that the water in them doesn't freeze and break things as well as 'fogging' the cylinders with fogging-oil to protect them from corrosion during the winter months. Come back here and read posts in the Fall it'll be the primary thing everybody talks about then.

Also when winterizing it is a good time to check the jet pump, pop the cone off the back and inspect for water intrusion and make sure there's plenty of marine grease in there things like that. Also you might want to consider changing the antifreeze every 3 or 4 years. Just like an automobile the engine coolant get's corrosive over time and needs to be replaced (some people do, some don't care and just ignore it.

Your call if you want your engine to last or not!). Was the supercharger replaced or was it merely rebuilt do you know?

What people are concerned about is did the supercharger fail on this machine was that why the previous owner decided to get a new one? If the supercharger fails, it sheds parts down and into the engine case they can wreak havoc if the parts aren't cleaned out (which requires pulling the engine and splitting it apart to insure every last bit of metal is removed!). If parts are left lying loose inside the engine case they can pile up and block an oil intake screen and suddenly your engine starts to burn itsef up inside due to lack of oil pressure and the next thing you know your engine is toast! This is the concern therefore.

You might want to ask the dealership what condition it was in mechanically when it was brought into them by the previous owner just so you know what to expect with it! These machines are a blast when they're running right, but like any infernal machine they can have their downfalls. Keep reading posts on here, don't get spooked by things knowledge is power and the more you know the better!

Wow.what great information. I thank you for that!.These were the issues when the previous owner took it to the dealer: Maintenance light flashes when PWC is turned off, PWC runner rough and smells of gas. Diagnosed by Tech: Fouled plug on #1 cylinder, recommend full service.wear ring has damage and impeller has been ground on.recommend both be replaced.rebuild jet pump.recommend replace with updated super charger Work done: Reset MIT light.changed oil and plugs installed.replaced supercharger.rebuilt jet pump all for $1916.20..I suppose this means problems to come???? The biggest reason to change the coolant is not because it looses the ability to cool your engine and not freeze in winter storage, it is because anti-freeze looses its ability to lubricate as it ages. In automotive engines this is a pretty big issue as it is what keeps water pumps alive for years and years.