Residential Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Design Manual

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Note: Do not send blueprints or full specification booklets with the Chapter 217, Summary Transmittal Letter unless as mentioned below. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) will request these items by mail or fax if it is determined that a full review is required.

This does not apply to wastewater projects located over the Edwards Aquifer. Full plans and specifications must be submitted to the appropriate regional office (Austin or San Antonio). Background Sewerage systems (domestic wastewater treatment systems) or material alterations to sewerage systems are required to be developed in accordance with state design criteria.

The design criteria set minimum standards necessary for domestic wastewater treatment systems to function properly and meet requirements for effluent quality. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Diesel 2018 Manual. The criteria also contain certain safety standards. Submittal And Review Requirements Up until January of 1996, plans and specifications (plans and specs) for all sewerage systems or material alterations to sewerage systems were required to be technically reviewed and approved by the state to ensure that they complied with design criteria. In January 1996, the TCEQ rules were modified to give TCEQ the discretion to select plans and specs on a case-by-case basis for technical review, rather than reviewing all of them.

In addition, municipalities and Texas Water Development Board were given the option to review and approve projects in lieu of TCEQ. In March 1997, the TCEQ rules were further modified by limiting the requirement for submittal of plans and specs for every project where TCEQ is the review authority and instead require submittal of a for each project. The summary letter must contain a written findings statement from a registered professional engineer that the plans and specs for the project are in substantial compliance with design criteria and that any deviation from the standards is based on best professional judgment. If TCEQ chooses to conduct a technical review of the plans and specs for the project, TCEQ must notify the design engineer within 30 days of receipt of the summary, and the plans and specs for the project must then be submitted to TCEQ for technical review and approval. Construction may not be initiated on projects which are designated for technical review until TCEQ has issued written approval for the plans and specs.

Residential Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Design Manual

Typically the plans and specs called in for review after the submittal of the summary transmittal letter to TCEQ are for innovative and nonconforming technology, treatment train employing an SBR or MBR, WWTP’s employing subsurface drip disposal systems under, reclaimed water treatment facilities under and the WWTP’s with unsatisfactory compliance history. Introductory Chemisrty Lab Manual. The WWTP’s coming under the above mentioned criteria shall submit the plans and specs for technical review to TCEQ along with the summary transmittal letter. The WWTP’s that are not subject to the above mentioned conditions are required to submit a summary transmittal letter and not required to submit plans and specs unless the agency demands them to be seen after the review of the summary transmittal letter. The entities operating treatment facilities and/or collection systems are required to submit a letter to TCEQ stating the provisions for emergency power to the treatment units and/or collections systems as per the Design Criteria • Texas Cities with Design Approval Authority The TCEQ is currently updating this list and therefore, what follows is a partial list only.

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