ford shipment to Iraq

Aug. 3, 2013.

We are please to announce the successful completion of the export of 30 2012 Ford Expedition SUVs to Iraq.
This purchase was contracted by the government and the heavy duty but comfortable 2012 Ford Expedition model was specified for the purchase. The automobiles are in a perfect position to handle the challenging automobile operating environment present in Iraq.

Mobile Clinic

Jun. 17, 2012.

Eight Mobile Clinic Coaches were completed and shipped to FUNAI (Fundacao Nacional do Indio), the Brazilian official agency in charge of indigenous Indians.
The mobile clinics are front line Primary Health Service Centres for delivery of heath services to the non city based Indians.

Each mobile clinic features a doctor consulting room, a wheelchair elevator, an air-cooled 20 KW generator and three built-in air conditioners, waiting area, Restroom (Handicap Accessible), Telephones (Cellular And Satellite), Computers, a GE mobile x-ray machine unit.
The units are without a doubt the finest mobile health clinics ever built for use in tough operating conditions.

ambulances Beirut

Mar. 10, 2012.

We are please to announce the successful delivery of the second and last batch of ten fully fitted new Ford Emergency ambulances to Lebanon.
Delivery of the final batch is considered an historic event considering the difficulties experienced during the actualization of this contract. With the hard work of everyone involved and the extra attention of the management of Macks Export Import Inc. the contract was seen to a successful end.

ambulances Beirut

Jan. 21, 2012.

We are please to announce the successful delivery of the first batch of five fully fitted new Ford Emergency ambulances to Lebanon.
A privately sponsored donation to the health ministry and we are glad that we were able to make this first delivery just forty two days after we received the order from the donor client, the delivery is amazing because the standard time to fit new vans for full emergency ambulance duties may run into numerous weeks.
Delivery of an additional 10 is at an advanced stage.


Dec. 19, 2008.

A client in Safat, Kuwait (Mr. Ibrahim Boushahri) wrote us a glowing letter after delivery of the automobile he ordered from us 25 days earlier. We reprint below excepts of the letter with his permission, we also asked him for a picture which he was graceful enough to provide.

"......the most pressing concern on my mind was time, the price we agreed upon was good but I was most concerned that the car must arrive within the time you promised which is very little days before the hire contract on my current car expires and I did not want to renew when I had my own car on the way... ....i'm very glad that you met all your promises and the car was as you advertised.......I intend to recommend you to my family members and friends."


Dec. 05, 2008.

Macks Export Import Inc. confirms completion of delivery of 300 airport luggage trolleys ordered by a Saudi client for use at the King Abdulaziz International Airport. Based on rigorous Saudi Arabia quality requirements the trolleys were procured by us from a manufacturer that is certified for ISO 16881-1:2005 quality specification standard for cranes, trolleys and other load bearing metal structures.

Honda Certification

Oct. 30, 2006.

We received official recognition a couple of days ago from American Honda Motor Company as a Honda Certified Used Car Dealer. This is positive news for our numerous clients as each used pre-owned car purchased from us will come with an Honda Certificate of Health guaranteeing the the car is not a lemon. Even before this recognition from Honda, all our clients have always attested to the quality of automobiles purchased from us but we now have an official recognition of this. The company has always maintained a GM certification since granted a Chevrolet Franchise in 1936, and we are currently working on securing recognitions from other auto manufacturers.