Howse 6 Foot Rotary Cutter Manual

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Your best bet is try to find a dealer that carries Howse and see if he can help you. I've looked and have found nothing printed online for any of their products. I have also called them and e-mailed them and never got a response either. I only live about 30 minutes from their plant, so I thought it would be good to own Howse equipment, close for parts and such.

Howse Rotary Cutter Owner's Manual. Mercedes W202 C180 Manual. Blade Bolt Kit for Most Brush Hogs Rotary Cutters Mower, Howse 5 Foot Brush Mower, BUSH HOG 206 ROTARY CUTTER OWNER OPERATOR. Howse Rotary Cutters and Shredders Listings for Rotary Cutters and Shredders include Drum. Howse 10 foot rotary mower. Howse 6' Rotary Cutter.

ROTARY MOWER OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL. Close attention to the safety signs affixed to the tractor and the rotary mower. ROTARY MOWER ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS. Howse Rotary Cutter Parts Close Menu Belts. Set of Blades for 6' Rotary Cutter (2) Fits Bush Hog, Howse, Our Price: $79.99.

I have a Howse disk and that's all I'll have. Their customer service sux.

Howse 6 Foot Rotary Cutter Manual

I did talk to a guy in wholegoods who tried to sell me a 'factory second' RFM. I could buy one new from a dealer for his price. I do understand he has to be priced higher than his dealers, but it was second.

He sounded like a mouth-breather anyway. A dealer for a manual is definitely your best bet. Hello, I just picked up a used tractor that came with a Howse Model 400 rotary cutter, and no owner's manual. Being a 1st time tractor owner I'd really like to get my hands on one. I've e-mailed Howse, I've called their customer service (and left messages) but nobody has replied.

Howse 6 Foot Rotary Cutter Manual

Any suggestions on where I might get one? MattI know you said you called. But did you try this number: Q: I did not receive a manual with my new Howse equipment. How do I get one? A: The dealer you purchased your equipment from is sent the manuals for all their Howse Equipment. They should be able to provide one for you. You can purchase one from us by calling 601-428-0841, then press ‘2’ for customer service.

The cost(including postage) is $7.50 for one manual. I have a Howse 500 Rotary Cutter as well as a Howse Disc Harrow. Allow me to reiterate CDsdad's point. Their customer service is TERRIBLE! I ordered a manual for both of these many weeks ago.

$10 for the first manual and $5 for each additional manual. I have not seen anything yet. Neither have I heard from them through calls or e-mail. I also ordered parts for my rotary cutter and it was an absolute nightmare. I finally have it resolved well over a month later. If they can't manage a little customer service, then they should make their darn manuals available online! I consider manuals to be a matter of safety.

You shouldn't have to wait for them. I also have an old Leinbach PHD that was missing the manual and I didn't know the model number. I e-mailed Leinbach a picture of the unit inquiring about the model number and how to get a manual for it. Within 5 minutes a pleasant lady called me with the model number, asked for a mailing address and had a manual on its way the same day free of charge. Now that's the way it should be if you are not going to have them available online.

BTW, did I mention that Howse's customer service is TERRIBLE? I know that Northern Tool sells Howse. I wonder if you would have any luck through them??? With all of that said, this thing has taken a real beating over the years and it has stood up to it. It has cut 1-2' trees without damage.

The 400 & 500 is their light duty economy line of rotary cutters. Something must have happened with thier company. I know a couple years ago i bouhgt a new howse 10' mower, and the dealer had lost the manual. I called ( or emailed? Can't remember.

Financial Reporting And Analysis Solutions Manual here. ) customer service. And they sent me one in the mail for free. This was 2 years ago.

Anything could have happened in that time. Staff changes.

I know about a year ago I was looking for a 15' batwing and emaile dthem to ask if they had any plans on one. They emaile dback and indicated that they did in fact have a 15' batwing in process. I emailed back about 4mo ago, and have not heard back. I contacted the dealer who originally sold the tractor to the guy I bought it from. He e-mailed me back immediately asking for my mailing address. Now he's in Oregon and I'm in California. If he sends me a manual free of charge knowing full well I won't be dropping by anytime soon to purchase maintenance supplies or needing service I will be real impressed.

He will be a credit to all those in the tractor business. Because I agree with Neophyte, 'manuals are a matter of saftey'! I'll share his name if he comes through positively.