1984 Ford E350 Motorhome Manual

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I have a 1984 Ford 350 econoline motorhome with a 460 7. 1984 Ford Econoline 350. Mercruiser Outdrive Repair Manual. On the frame rail for the dual gas tanks on an 85 Ford E350 chasis motorhome?

1984 Ford Econoline 350 Motorhome The RV dies under electrical load, if we turn the headlights on it will die in about 2 min's every time and will not start tell we turn the lights off then it starts every time. The starter does engage but the engine just dont fire up. We have replaced the alternator, starter solenoid. The RV will run just fine as long as you dont have them things running we took it over 100 miles and it was fine. The batterys are not draining it sat for 2 months and started right up. When it dies the engine just slows down and dies, even if you give it gas it will still dies and will not restart when the lights are on.

Also tryed jumping the RV when it dies and if the lights are on it will not restart. Any ideals on where to start looking for the problem? Thanks, RuffJas. The lights are not the only thing, the fan blower also does it but it takes more like 15min for it to die. There are no after market lights or anything else tied into the headlight circuit that I can find. I have removed about 20+ grounds starting with the main one's comming from the battery to the headlights grounds.

I dont see any bad wire's. The ignition module was replaced last year do to a wire that burned up but its been running fine sence then.

I have also checked all of the wire's going to the ignition module they all look good. There is a aftermarket radio but i have it unhooked as I thought it could be that but pulled the radio out and the fuse out so its not that. When the engine dies both batterys have over 12.6 volts in them. I will keep looking.

1984 Ford E350 Motorhome Manual

Keep the questions comming I am out of ideals. Thanks, RuffJas Please or to join the conversation. Bosch American Injection Pump Manual. Have you ever changed the spark plug wires and/or spark plugs? Perhaps there is high resistance in the wires, or the gaps in the spark plugs have opened up over time. Also, there could be distributor issues, such as a bad condenser, cap or rotor. How do the wires look running from your alternator? I would perform an electrical test called a 'voltage drop' of your charging system to look for unwanted resistance.

I would also voltage drop your ignition system, specifically the spark plug wires. If I recall correctly, you are allow 11k ohm of resistance per foot of spark plug wire. I would also voltage drop your battery terminals. Generally speaking, you are allowed to have.10v of voltage drop in an automotive electrical circuit. Break into that distributor and look for corrosion or electrical tracking. Do you think you might have a voltage leak? Eric has a good video on how to troubleshoot one.

Battery cables and wires (and spark plug wires) will look fine on the outside until you slice back the shielding and then sometimes you'll see solid green copper corrosion. Not sure how to go about this.

To me it's one of those things where you have to dive in and start taking a look at a lot of different possibilities. [edit] I wonder if any of these electrical events are influencing the fuel pump. '84 was the last year of the Duraspark IIRC. Those were reliable and either worked, or didn't. If you are sure beyond doubt you've got good ground connections, check the ignition switch.

The only other ground on the D/S I can think of is in the distributor itself and has nothing in common with the blower or lights. A quick test might be as simple as running a jumper wire from the major components (engine block/body/battery)then starting the engine and turning the lights on. If it continues to run, it most definitely is a faulty ground. Another quick test can be run with a timing light. Start the engine and hook the lead to the coil wire,turn the lights on while watching the strobe. If the strobe quits slightly before the engine dies, it is an ignition failure.

If the strobe flashes while the engine dies, look elsewhere. Please or to join the conversation. Before we got the RV the fuel pump there was a switch put in place to turn on the pump, I forgot about it tell just now. The fuel pump was also replaced before we got the RV. I will test the ignition switch tommarrow, and I will also get my timing light and give it a try. We have never changed any spark plugs or wires sence we got the RV it only has 60K on it.

The wires comming from the alternator seem to be fine I replaced one of the ends but the wire wasn't burn't the end was just crappy. It will die with high or low beam. I dont think this RV has a external voltage regulator or at least cant find it. I will report back tommarrow, Thanks, RuffJas Please or to join the conversation.

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